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    Looking for a slim (non-leather) pocket organizer for AAA flashlight, slim pen, and tiny leatherman style

    My EDC is very minimal, especially living in Japan. My EDC is a Maratac AAA flashlight, compact Zebra pen, and leatherman style keychain sized multi tool. Currently I'm using a Tale of Knives pocket organizer which is great, but it makes the flashlight much fatter than it needs to be. I'm...
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    IR light bulb with a standard A19 base?

    I have a Nest outdoor camera and the IR beam doesn't reach to the far end of my side yard. I have a small porch light in that area and I'd like to run a screw in light bulb that's IR. Does such a thing exist without buying a $80, wifi enabled smart bulb?
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    Best 3" LED cube brand for off-road and fog lights

    I'm currently running Lifetime LED 3" cubes for off-road lighting. Specs: https://www.lifеtimelе They're cheaper chinese lights and the finish is fading badly. I also want to buy another pair of cubes to use as fog lights. Any real...
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    Best single AAA pocket flashlight?

    Thanks fellas. I'll look through those. I like the twist head because I carry the light in the same pocket as my vehicle key and a skeletool clipped in there too. The darn iPhone plus takes up the whole other pocket. So smaller and lighter is better, brightness comes in third, price is fourth.
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    Best single AAA pocket flashlight?

    What's the hot ticket currently? My last EDC torch was an aluminum Maratac and I loved it, but it's lost. So I'm seeking a replacement and with technology going so fast, is there a better ultra light, ultra small AAA torch out there?
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    5.11 Tactical RUSH 12 and 24 Backpack (MOLLE/PALS compatible) Review

    Killer review. I just bought a Rush 12 a few days ago. I didn't even realize a few features until you pointed them out (releasable shoulder straps and the fact the sternum strap is removable). Any update from rockspyder on the maxped organizer?
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    Cheap LED for kids balance bikes? 23mm and a 12.8mm handlebar

    My kids have balance bikes and love to ride around the house. They want headlights but the handlebars are really slim. One is 23mm and other is 1/2" or 12.8mm. Any recommendations for a small, cheap, and not too bright LED light for their bikes? I was thinking about those cheap flashlight...
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    H11 projector bulbs- 35w HID vs LED?

    Thanks for the inputs, I'll skip the LED. HID's are available, but only the 3.6 limited model, not the 2.5. No information is out yet on the retrofit. I've run HID in halogen projectors before and passed VA safety inspection (they look OEM and had a great cutoff). I would never put HID into...
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    H11 projector bulbs- 35w HID vs LED?

    We just bought a 2015 Subaru Outback. It has halogen projectors. I was going drop in a Morimoto 35w 5000k HID kit http://www.thеrеtrоfitsоurcе.cоm/hid-systеms/mоrimоtо-еlitе-hid-systеm-h11.html#.VImv6clOnxg But some people are going the fan backed LEDs. Lumens appear close (3400 HID/3200...
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    Pumpkin Jack 'o Lantern LED?

    i did a search, but most threads are really old. What's the ticket for a pair of pumpkins sitting on my porch? I don't want real candles. Something fairly cheap, battery powered, will run for a week+ on a battery. Color changing would be cool, but flicker will work too. Ideas?
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    5 3/4" Harley headlight upgrade options?

    I have a '96 dyna which has a 5 3/4" headlight with H4 bulb. I want to upgrade it. I don't think HID is an option as there is no place for the ballast and boxes. The Harley LED looks too "futuristic" when it's off. This bike has an old school look, and I want to keep it that way. I'm...
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    CR123 powered, one hand sized, home defense flashlight for use with handgun

    Going to pull the Streamlight TLR-2 off my home defense handgun and want a flashlight for investigating the house (so I don't have to point handgun at everything). What's an excellent one-handed flashlight for this? Streamlight, Surefire, Fenix? I have lots of CR123 batteries, so I'm leaning...
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    Quality laser pointer in a thin pen sized case (needs to be very thin <10mm)???

    Being military, I find myself needing to do lots of powerpoint presentations from large LCD TV's or projector screens. I need a pointer that will fit in my uniform pen loops, which means it needs to be very thin. A standard 13mm diameter laser won't fit. Needs to be about the size of a Cross...
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    Need a tough LED thrower for pre-flighting aircraft...

    I'm a navy pilot. I'm searching for a LED flashlight- probably a dual CR123 sized that has a great holster that can be fastened into my webgear. I need to be able to pull it out and turn it on with flight gloves on. While walking around the helicopter, I need to inspect it while it's turning...
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    Best bright light for jeans front pocket carry?

    Ok, got my Nuwaii Q-III today. Been wearing it around and the thing is so short and the clip is so low that the entire light head sticks out of the pocket and there's not enough body to keep it secure. Feels like it's going to fall out pretty easily. Great LED though. How about a similar...
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    Best bright light for jeans front pocket carry?

    Thanks for the relies. I ordered the Nuwai QIII from ebay for $38 shipped. I'll let ya'll know how it works. If it doesn't carry well, I won't feet bad that I spent too much money, and I'm sure it'll make a great glovebox light for my truck.
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    Best bright light for jeans front pocket carry?

    I read the forums for a couple hours today. Still looking for a very bright LED light with a clip that is comfortable to carry in the front pocket of my jeans. From what I've read, I want one of the 60 lumen models. Lithium 123's are okay, I won't use it much, but will carry it all the time...