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    Best Upgrades for a 6P

    sorry I found the lengthy thread in LED flashlights. (stuck at the top)
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    Best Upgrades for a 6P

    Looking for opinions for drops ins around 300 Lumens and clicky caps for the latest 6P flashlights. Anyone around the forums sells kits of the two upgrades?
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    LED Globe Lights Outdoor

    I have some LED Globe Lights (about 8in Dia.) I bought from Target a few years ago. They are junk. I have repaired them many times. Has anyone seen replacements for these? They are outdoor or pool lights solar charging and have 2 modes color change and solid color RGB. I have seen newer ones in...
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    Sold/Expired Karl's Florida sale is over....Thanks CPF

    Re: Aeons, Ti PD-S, Ti RaClicky, Mac's 3P/ M31, FM 3P/ Linger Special, Mini CR2, Ti V 8) Valiant Concepts titanium VM-E Head with Malkoff M61 Drop-in (like new) $125 ....perfect for a McGizmo 2x123 pak! I am also a backup buyer for this if the deal doesnt go through
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    What was the last LED light you purchased and why?

    The last LED I bought was an E2E which I am upgrading to LED. I have some strange attraction to Surefire after buying my first Aviator and have used it many times in the cockpit and on preflights. Its amazing how you wonder ho w you ever lived without such a useful tool.
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    Anyone Seen Outdoor LED Solar Globes FS in the US?

    I bought some old led solar globes about 2 years ago from Target. They were junk. I rebuilt the darn things 3-4 times. They were about 8in dia. and ran either solid color or alternating mode. If anyone knows of similar lighting available please let me know. thanks
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    Sold/Expired $urefire E2 Mini Turbo Head

    Are the Bi-Pin sockets still available for this upgrade. Also can it be used with normal CR123A cells?