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    Headlight Lens Question

    I used one of the 3M kits that I purchased from Amazon about a year ago, it ended up being something like $15 after a rebate. I bought the highest end kit they had for the drill-based solutions because it came with a packet of UV protectant. The refinishing process removes a layer of plastic...
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    Has anyone seen this light?

    I have the 10w version of the flood light on the generalhardwarez site posted by Optical Inferno. My experience with high end lighting is very minimal, but I'm using it to light up my back porch. There are no optics in the beam path at all, it's a bare panel with a very wide flood - perfect for...
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    how to use a Cree LED with a 18650 element

    I completely agree with the solar idea. I tend to keep batteries that are no longer good enough for their original applications but can be repurposed for other uses. I have several motorcycle and garden tractor batteries that have been used for portable power (running a drill off an AC inverter...
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    Some general questions about LED heat and Chinese brightness

    When you refer to the heatsink, are you talking simply about the thin metal heatsink bonded to the back of the LED or an additional heatsink attached to the array? I am looking to learn more about thermal management of LEDs and what is possible for solid state cooling