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    In the dark about remaining charge?

    I still can't help but think there's a whole bunch of dinosaur thinking (damn fangled horseless carriages will never replace my trusty nag). Firstly, do we REALLY need all our lights to take standard batteries? Sure it's nice to know we can pop into a 7-11 and grab a spare, but how often do we...
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    Need 18650 charger in New York City

    Man, am I happy not to live in New York! :wow:
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    In the dark about remaining charge?

    Exactly what are you suggesting TEEJ? Actually that's a great solution. One by the back door, one by the front door, one in the car, one in the other car, one in the shed... Do they sell them by the dozen? :D
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    In the dark about remaining charge?

    Wow, what great responses, thanks. I'm glad to see that I'm not alone. What inspired this, in particular, is that I own a bunch of Ryobi Li-Ion power tools with a button on the battery itself, and an LED indicator that lights red, amber or green based on the remaining charge. I find this so...
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    In the dark about remaining charge?

    Hi everyone, I haven't popped in for a while but I've recently become re-inspired to get something off my chest. I have become more and more convinced that the lack of a charge indicator in consuming devices is unforgiveable, and can only be explained by laziness or cheapness. I can't be the...
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    Gifting Is Fun!!

    I think you definitely have to supply the batteries too though, so many 'non-flashaholics' simply don't get batteries and will buy junk and waste (or ruin) a good flashlight. Often the best you can hope for is that they will promise to buy Duracell or Energizer for it. Forget about insisting on...
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    Your first flashlight - what can you remember?

    Re: Ur first flashlight - what can u remember? Wow, I had forgotten the Durabeam - i think that was the first flashlight I ever bought. What a little beauty it was! I also had one of those colour-changing torches too. But the first ones I ever had were a 'flat' Ever Ready torch with a blue...