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  1. Sadsack

    there are some Jokes

    I went online to Kelley Blue book today to check the value of my pick up truck and they asked if the gas tank was empty or full.
  2. Sadsack

    experience with speed queen washing machines?

    A friend of mine who is a appliance repairman for an appliance chain store in this area says Speed Queen is the only brand he recommends. He's been a repairman for almost 30 yrs.
  3. Sadsack

    To polish or patina? Can you tell me if this mini light is rare?

    Brass lights I like to polish but on copper lights I like patina.
  4. Sadsack

    Optimal voltage for Li-ion batteries’ storage

    I wish more chargers had a storage mode.
  5. Sadsack

    What lights do you consider the most epic or influential on your hobby

    Maglight Magcharger 1986 Surefire 6R 1990 Arc AAA Inova X5 Fenix L2D with Rebel R100 led Many years and over 80 lights later the addiction goes on.
  6. Sadsack

    Help me choose a running headlamp

    You might look at this one
  7. Sadsack

    I need a low-output light on my duty vest

    I'll second the Manker EO2II. Great little light.
  8. Sadsack

    Acebeam E10vn - Stubby Dedicated Thrower R

    Hey Vinh, I'm very interested in this light. is there any doughnut hole in the center of the beam?
  9. Sadsack

    New Product Announcement: NITECORE TIKI/TIKI LE 300 Lumen Rechargeable Keychain Light

    I received my tiki from the nitecore store today. I really liked the concept of this light however the poly-carbonate body seems to block almost all of the uv light from the side emitter. No way will it even illuminate the fluorescence material in a $20 bill. Really should of been better thought...
  10. Sadsack

    Words to Live By.

    The pursuit of happiness ends when You stop pursuing it.:thinking:
  11. Sadsack

    "Roger, Tranquility" ....

    One of these days Alice...:crackup:
  12. Sadsack

    Sold/Expired SOLD* Black 2D mag with XHP-70.2 *price reduced* $80

    Re: Black 2D mag with XHP-70.2 *price reduced* $80 mtnelectronics has some. nice buy on that light by the way.
  13. Sadsack

    Zebralight SC64w HI

    Likewise I just pre ordered too as an upgrade to my SC62w. Just hope it throws a little bit better. L
  14. Sadsack

    The Lounge Jan-June 2015

    Re: The 2015 Lounge Vinh, I think the wsp uses mainly laser these days and a radar detector is useless against it. Even laser detectors don't work very well because of the tight beam of the laser.
  15. Sadsack

    should i open it?

    Nice Find. The MagCharger was my first real super bright flashlight. I think I paid a little over $100 for it in 1986 which was a lot of money back then. Still have it somewhere.
  16. Sadsack

    Lunar New Year Giveaway :-)

    22 light 4 #73
  17. Sadsack

    Lunar New Year Giveaway :-)

    21st light 3 #221
  18. Sadsack

    Lunar New Year Giveaway :-)

    20th Light 2 #221