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    Does AW Still Make Batteries?

    I am using KeepPower 17500 interchangeably with my old AW 17500. They work well in 3-cell SureFires.
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    Is a USB charging interface safer than a charging station?

    The 18350 with USB rechargeable from Manker and Acebeam should fit. Have you tried regular protected 18350? Many lights that fit cells with built-in USB also fits protected cells. The difference in length is minimum and the spring will make it up. Just like standalone chargers, when choosing a...
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    Streamlight SL-B26

    No need to buy extra USB charger. Most of the name brand USB phone charger made in recent 5 years or so should works fine. The manual says charge time is 5 hours so even a charger providing 5V as low as 1A should be fine. 20W, 30W or even higher charger would not harm it as the charging process...
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    Recommendations for LED replacement bulb

    The Dorcy 4.5v-6v LED replacement bulb works well in my Princeton Tec Tec 40 which has the same lamp assembly as Vortec running on 4xAA. The 3v version is good for Tec 20. The light tint is nothing like the warm & beautiful halogen bulb but you gain a much longer runtime plus its slightly brighter.
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    Petzl IKO modifications

    Don't! The Core battery is a Li-ion battery. Resting voltage of 4.0V is normal. Connecting directly to the terminals of the Core will either charge it, which you are not doing it properly & safely, or shorting it! Also, your lamp will loss its weather resistance function unless you do a very...
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    Multi-Mode Incan Lights?

    The Maglite Magcharger back from 2012 year model was a mass produced, widely available multi-mode incad. This new version runs on the improved Ni-MH rechargeable stick and has an electronic switch which operates the halogen lamp in Full Power, Power Save, Strobe, SOS or momentary.
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    which 14500 battery do i choose?

    I have good experience using two Jetbeam JL148. They are rated at 750mAh and seems honestly rated for my general usage. Based on friend’s recommendation, I was looking at Fenix but the store I checked was out of stock at that time.
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    Underwater Kinetics UKE 2L

    This is definitely a nice little flashlight. Great for standby thanks to CR-123A. I use the 4AA version with NiMH cells all the time which is using the same lamp module as this 2L.
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    Love my new 3c maglite

    IMHO those Tad Customs MPR7212 or MPR7218 seem to be the perfect candidates in this case.
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    Mini 10180 flashlights

    With a reasonable drain rate, I would say those 10180 are more likely holding 70 to 80mAh.
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    Recommendations for 4 battery 18650 compact charger?

    Opus BT-C3100 is pretty reliable & versatile too. Charge up to 1A for 4 x 18650 and 2A for 2 batteries. Some users don't like the noise from the fan but I can bear that. I can also charges my smaller batteries by selecting the 200mA, 300mA & 500mA.
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    replacement adapter for the la cross BC 700

    Is this one good enough to charge 4xAA at 1000mA each?
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    model number LMSA401 is the old Magnum star xenon. Those 3 bulbs in the clear plastic boxes seems to be of different rating. I can read a PR18 (the middle one) which is a supposed to be the bulb for 6-cell flashlight I believe.
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    I bought a 2aa pelican Incan, and I love it!

    I like the robust build of the Pelican 2340. The lamp assembly, however, is quite expensive.
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    Why smart chargers can't properly recover heavily discharged NiMH in one try?

    I am facing the same problem too. I always need to put over-drained batteries into dump charger to kick them up to a reasonable voltage before I can put them into the smart charger. I won't be too long, usually five minutes of dump charging will do. I also have some older AAA & AA NimH which the...
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    My budget setup ( so far)

    The changing color on the barrel is so attractive. It has been treated?
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    Best kind of LR44/AG13 batteries, and where to buy

    Those tiny cells in the 23A are not the same size as LR44. I think they are closer to LR41 in size.
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    My budget setup ( so far)

    Those Seraphs are actually quite nice too.
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    Lifepo4 maximum charging voltage 4.2V ???

    Unless you want to ruin your battery, LiFePO4 should be charged to 3.6V. The label is wrong obviously. A lazy product manager overlooked the shrink wrap tubing artwork, maybe.
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    Are CR123 Primary Cells Dead?

    I believe CR123A primaries are being used much less now but far from dead. I load most of my flashlights with rechargeables just like most users do but I also load one with CR123A's for emergency standby. It works every time when I need it most.