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    Simple 18650 headlight for elderly

    Slonik headlamp on Amazon
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    Tactical or Practical, which do you use most

    Streamlight micro stream rechargeable (formerly AAA) in shirt pocket every day at work. Handy in ceilings or hunting a light switch down a hallway. Hiii Lee practicle.
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    Fireflylite E07 2021 Blue body- Nichia 219B 4000K

    Looking to buy this fireflylite E07 2021 in blue body color. Preferably with Nichia 4000k. Seems like the fireflylite site is out of stock on Blue body.
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    Things that just make you smile :)

    1. When my wife laughs at my jokes 2. My brother & I taking shots at my old man for being cheap. 3. My brother & I taking shots at each other till we’re laughing. 4. Agent Scully with a flashlight peering into the void. 5. Helen Hunt 6. New flashlight on my front porch 7. Bryce Dallas Howard
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    Things that just make you smile :)

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    Alkaline vs. Lithium Batteries: What You Need to Know

    I can’t figure the amount of $ I’ve lost bc of alkaline corroding my electronics & flashlights. I’ve salvaged a couple flashlights using vinegar to clean out corrosion. I use lithium AAA, AA & rechargeable as much as possible. In the end Alkaline can cost you way more bc of potential damage.