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  1. D.B.

    Munroe Design Mega Dangler

    Looks like their site is down for some reason.
  2. D.B.

    New xD cards for old camera

    I don't believe the newer cards will work. You might have a hard time finding the older cards since they are out of production. Your best bet may be ebay for the older type card.
  3. D.B.

    EDC forum down?

    Any of you guys that are having withdrawals should know that the link to the forum store IS working, so you can fill that void by doing a little shopping at JS Burly's until EDCF is back up and running again... :D
  4. D.B.

    EDC forum down?

    I think I've developed a nervous tick from not being to log on for the last couple days... :P
  5. D.B.

    CONGRATULATIONS on your retirement karlthev

    Congrats on reaching retirement, Karl! I'm gong to take a stab at it and say 9 parts to the Droid 58. :)
  6. D.B.

    Sold/Expired Titanium Ra Clicky pocketclips for sale

    Hi Chip, I'd like to order a deep carry bezel down clip and a set of screws. Thanks!
  7. D.B.

    HDS/Ra Clicky & Rotary Serial Number Registry! (Part 2)

    Re: Ra Clicky Serial Number Registry! (Part 2) D.B. .......................140CT...............#7289 Purchased from Oddjob on CPFM.
  8. D.B.

    Post your photos

    Waterfall you can walk under/through
  9. D.B.

    What camera are you guys shooting with?

    I just bought a Panasonic Lumix ZS-1 so I could have a "pocket" camera when I don't want to lug around the DSLRs....
  10. D.B.

    Post your photos

    I know there's a random photos thread in the Cafe..would it make sense moving it to the Darkroom and continuing it here?
  11. D.B.

    How far do you commute?

    I went from having a 16 mile round trip commute to a 50 mile round trip commute. It really eats into the linings of the wallet with the cost of gas going up....
  12. D.B.

    A new photo competition?

    I agree. I guess the way I see it, you need to look at your work and decide if it belongs in a photo contest or a photoshop contest.
  13. D.B.

    Don's "Garage Sales"??

    Wow, the amount of awesome in the auction thread has my head spinning! Completely out of my league, but so are the $100 tables at the casino. Still, fun to watch the action!
  14. D.B.

    A new photo competition?

    Any update on the contest? I'm itching to get shooting! :D
  15. D.B.

    Holster group build late and a dollar short, as they say.
  16. D.B.

    Can anyone recommend a decent mini DV?

    If you don't want moving parts, then a MiniDV is out of the question. The only type of video camera that would come close to this would be one with a solid state drive and/or flash memory.
  17. D.B.

    A new photo competition?

    If my count is correct, that makes about 14 volunteers. One more person to go and we can have ourselves a little shootout... :D
  18. D.B.

    A new photo competition?

    Count me in!
  19. D.B.

    Holster group build

    What are we looking at price wise for one of these holsters? I may be interested in one for my LS20 depending on price. :)