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    Manker T01 AA/14500 Batt Compatibility with pics

    I have the Fenix 14500 that the OP posted and it does not fit my T01 ver. 2. I removed the protection circuit to make it work. When I use Alkalines or Eneloops (1900mah) the T01 does not work properly. I only get moonlight and a brighter setting plus the special modes. I can't even program it...
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    *new* Acebeam K70: max. 2600 lumens, 1300 meters throw

    Thanks for the welcomes and the replies! The K70 surely is awesome. It is my most expensive (so far) FL (I have a few Olight, Fenix, Maglite, Zebra). I just wish it comes with a better holster (too tight-fitting) and lanyard (the clip will scratch the anodizing). CPF is a great community!
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    *new* Acebeam K70: max. 2600 lumens, 1300 meters throw

    I just got this monster thrower for around US$160. Powering it with KeepPowers 3500mah and it is a BEAST! I have one question though, the box it came with is a bit different from the box I see around the internet. Could mine be recently made or an old one...