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    18650 room lamp?

    I have several Streamlight Siege lanterns and like them. You can get them in models that use AA, 18650, D batteries or built in rechargeable battery.
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    Surefire Scout Light Pro M640DF - which 18650 are compatible? Problems?

    I have the light and it doesn’t flicker …
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    Surefire Scout Light Pro M640DF - which 18650 are compatible? Problems?

    It’s a good light. And a good battery. I think I heard it’s an LG 3500 battery. Sure fire has said that light needs ten amps and that the Surefire 18650 can meet the demand.
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    【Discussion】What's your favorite flashlight and why?

    My ancient Surefire L2 four flats still to this day is my night stand light. Surefire replaced the switch with a new one a few years ago, but she has been old reliable for me. Just the right amount of light, and not too bright, for a bed side light. Two brightness levels, with just the push of a...
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    Surefire tactician

    The easiest question ever answered. Its for a home defense flashlight, you use CR123 batteries. All home defense guns should have a white light mounted to them if possible. I can recommend the Streamlight TLR8A for the Beretta Pistol if you dont already have a light mounted.
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    Weapon mount light suggestions

    Check out CDM gear for the mount. Elzetta shotgun mount is also nice for the price. Get a single output Malkoff and be done. What’s your life worth? (Buy once, cry once) No on 18650 batteries. You use rechargeables when you use the light a lot, to save money. A weapon light is going to be...
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    Surefire L1 digital lumamax

    Here is my 6th (and final?) generation L1 (flat glass, no dome) next to my well used four flats L2. Surefire was OUT OF THEIR MIND to discontinue the L1 and not upgrade it, to discard it to the dust bin of history. And just last week, I emailed Surefire to ask if they still had tailcaps for the...
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    Surefire Fury 2018 dual fuel 18650/Cr123

    Available next week here it looks like.
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    Surefire tactician

    I put an old Surefire Z52 tactical twisty cap on mine. Its sleek and just right for me. Love it.
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    I disagree with your disagree. THIS is the definition of a tactical light. The two stage gas pedal switch is an ideal tactical switching method. It does not "cycle" like a clicky cap. I'm new to the board, but I can assure you I have a metric butt load of tactical training to include nighttime...
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    Can you replace the LED in an older Inova T4 with a newer one?

    They have a good warranty. I had a charger go out. They insisted I send the light in, and keep the charger. They then sent me a newer, brighter version of the light, but no charger. I then asked them to fix the charger, which is what was broken to begin with, and they sent me a new charger. So...
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    Weapon light Streamlight Surefire Malkoff or Elzetta

    Fantastic gun. Check these out.
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    Weapon light Streamlight Surefire Malkoff or Elzetta

    I didn't mention Inforce because they are low quality junk. Avoid. There is a reason the lights have a terrible reputation... A weapon light is a single purpose light. You mount it to your gun and leave it there for the next 15 years. YOU DO NOT WANT OR NEED LOW!! Mount it and forget it. Don't...
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    Weapon light Streamlight Surefire Malkoff or Elzetta

    Former police officer with a ton of tactical training on weapons here. For a home defense weapon that will sit in the corner forever, you really want 123 batteries. They are reliable, don't need charged, and have a ten year shelf life. This is why Elzetta refuses to use 18650 batteries in their...
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    Best law enforcement flashlight under $200?

    I was a cop for 10 years. I was in a life and death struggle, at night, and my incandescent Stinger hit the ground, and died. It was my only flashlight. I felt pretty helpless when my one and only light died at a time when I REALLY needed it. I never ever went back on patrol with only one light...
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    Surefire tactician

    That was fresh out of the package, and I hadn't even screwed the lockout tailcap in yet. Yeah in its proper configuration is about 1/10th of an inch shorter.
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    Surefire tactician

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    Surefire EDCL1-T
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    Surefire EDCL1-T

    Yes these light are on the big auction site right now. Good to see these out in the wild finally. I have the 1 cell and 2 cell on order from Surefire right now. Seems to me, they should absolutely fill orders from their website first before sending shipments to Quantico tactical and other brick...
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    Surefire tactician

    Just got my tactition in the mail. Comes with four batteries, two in the light and two in the packaging. The lanyard is smaller and different than any surefire lanyard I have ever seen before. It is not stretchy, or "shock" cord as James Yeager advocates the use of. A Keeppower 16650 fits and...