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    Where Have the Good Threads Gone? CPF Kinda Boring Lately?

    Colder? Maybe you need to look at the world with a higher CRI LED? How you doin' you big Douche, an' where is Mossyoak ( I miss her) and Goat (I miss it).... :nana:
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    Best all rounder you own.

    The one light I carry everywhere, without fail, is a lenslight micro. For those of you who remember Groundhog, he was right, the HDS Basic (needs a mod) is also a fine carry light.
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    You Just Know Your A Flashaholic When......

    When you secretly check in even though you have convinced yourself you reached torch/flashlight nirvana.
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    Please astound me? No more cool lights, you're kidding right?

    Re: Please astound me? Struggling to edit my current users are lenslight micros. When I need "bright" I go to the lupine mini-max. The lenslight is the closets I have found to the magic torch excitement.
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    Please astound me? No more cool lights, you're kidding right?

    Hi, it's been a while but popped back to see what's happening, what's new folks? I remember the first day I visited this site and stumbled upon the TiPDS, falling in love immediately I tracked one down and still own it and use it (them) . The next/last light to make me feel like a kid at...
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    Sold/Expired Serious buyer WTB...

    Rudi's got PM :)
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    Sold/Expired Serious buyer WTB...

    Hey Scott, thanks for the welcome back. Gimme some links to cool stuff you been making?
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    Sold/Expired Serious buyer WTB...

    Hey Lisa - I have rare lights to trade also. I saw your post earlier in the week and smiled at your "motto". AWTYD bought a light off me twice :) Number 25 out of 24 DamCham?
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    Sold/Expired Serious buyer WTB...

    Ok, here's my list... 1) Aoth vertical holster for TITANIUM Spy 007 2) Ti Nautilus with multiple tritium inserts 3) Ti Ra Clicky Conditions... 1) AWTYD - no silly prices (high) 2) Goat - no silly prices (low) 3) Grif - hi, (plus point one) 4) Mack - I prefer not to deal with chicks! 5)...
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    Sold/Expired SOLD!!Holy Grail of Titanium Goodness!Dons McluxIII-T Nitro version.

    You mean you havn't lost it yet!!!!:nana::nana::nana: Not spoken to you in ages - hope all is good with you fella!
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    Sold/Expired Mr Bulk Ti Cub II. Sold!

    Re: Mr Bulk Ti Cub II. Mint! Last Price Drop! Bump for a top light and a great seller. Does the cub come with a holester? :nana:
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    Sold/Expired Ti Ra Clicky *SOLD*

    Re: Ti Ra Clicky Nice Mack, very nice indeed, do I want this :whistle: Bump for a dude!
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    Sold/Expired SOLD: Cherry Spy007

    Re: FS: Mint Spy007 Good luck Scott, This is a great price for a great light, so many months spent anticipating this light not to mention the nervous seconds in the "gone in 60 seconds" sales thread. :v hods
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    Sold/Expired Unique Atwoodized Spy-007 - AT COST!!

    :drool: Wow! That is neat and slick and 'kin super cool. Great price so good luck
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    The Ti PD-S

    Done some cleaning now!
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    The Ti PD-S

    It took this topic to bring me out of hiding!!!!! The TiPD-S is my favorite all time light - in AlTiN coating with matching trit ring, or the other two :P PS - hey! Bill, Jim, Brandon, Eric, Don:thumbsup:
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    Spy Questions

    Others may want to chime in here but the key differences as far as I'm aware are as follows; U2SW0H emitter (first run USW0H) and is a nicer tint IMHO. Easiliy activated low power lock - so if the Spy is activated inadvertantly in your pocket it will do so at a much reduced output thus as to...