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    Eiger Solid Copper QTC Lug

    We can make a Lug body into a pocket, we just remove the lug and turn the back flat. Curt
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    Eiger Solid Copper QTC Lug

    As to the question of using the XPG LED instead of the XPG2 LED. First, when we buy LEDs we get them by the reel or several reels at a time. We still have over 750 XPG LEDs in stock. If someone wants to buy what we have at the XPG2 price, we will gladly do that. ( No ). Second, we have...
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    New Product: Flashlight/Cell Phone Adapter

    New Product: Flashlight/Cell Phone Adapter For the OTG person the cell phone is a must. The problem with them is that the battery seems to go dead at the most inopportune time. With this accessory you can use or charge your battery dead cell phone anywhere and anytime. All you need...
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    Brass screws?

    The QTC pill is the replacement for the Brass screw and is therefore not required or supplied. We had also included a rubber plug to keep out junk when the key ring adapter was removed, but some customers complained for one reason or another. As for the head having to be screwed all the...
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    New LEO Accesory

    We have made a new battery compartment for the large LEO line of Peak flashlights. It is 7-1/2 inches long and 1-1/4 inches in diameter. It will work with the Night Patrol, First Responder and most of the Search and Rescue heads. It comes with a Judco switch that is protected inside the...
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    Viewing Angle XPG vs XPG2

    That information is covered by the optic manufacturer, Ledil lenses and lighting products, based in Finland. Curt
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    Still trying to contact Peak ... ?

    Re: CPF should consider removing the Peak LED forum When we had six or seven employees I could take the time to talk to customers and I enjoyed the conversations. The great majority of our machine shop customers have gone out of business except for two. No machine shop customers equals no...
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    Pocket Clip for Peak Eiger?

    The company that made the pocket clips for us went out of business two years ago and the China buyer of that company o longer makes that line of products. We have look on the WEB for a replacement but have not found anything yet. :mad: Curt
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    High Quality Chinese Generic LED's

    If there is a profit in it they will do it: WASHINGTON (AP) — "Sprinkling" sounds like a fairly harmless practice, but in the hands of sophisticated counterfeiters it could deceive a major weapons manufacturer and possibly endanger the lives of U.S. troops. It's a process of mixing...
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    Which Alloy is used in SS Peaks?

    303 Carpenter Curt
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    85 CRI Peaks

    No price difference as we were able to get them at about the same price as the regular XPG LEDs in the cool white area. They will be available through our dealers. Curt
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    85 CRI Peaks

    We have just received some 85 CRI LEDs in from our supplier. These are XPGWHT-P1-7D2-Q2-0-09 Warm/Neutral White. 7D2 indicates that they are 3000 Kelvin color temp. P1 is 85 CRI minimum. Q2 is 87.5 minimum Lumens at 350 mA. We can install these in the Eiger, El Cap, Volcan and the Logan...
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    Pulse driving vs Normal Constant Current Driving Leds

    INTRODUCTION This application note describes electrical overstress (EOS) events, their effect on Cree XLamp LEDs and some simple methods of protecting XLamp LEDs against EOS. Electrical overstress is simply exposing an LED to any current greater than the maximum cur*rent specified in that...
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    Pulse driving vs Normal Constant Current Driving Leds

    The major problem with PWM is that most circuits do not ramp up the current drive to the LED with each pulse. This results in a high current shock to the junction point of the bonding wires in the LED. Sputtering of the wires at that point cause the wires to erode over time causing an...
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    The Vesuvius Hi-Current Flashlight

    Lower voltage items are the Eiger and the ShastaX. There is no way other battery chemistries can support the output requirements of the Vesuvius light in the AAA size. The IMR can deliver up to 1.9 Amps to the LED, a standard 10440 almost 1.3 Amps. A 1.5 volt AAA, 0.22 Amps, but that requires...
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    Info/help needed

    What you are asking for is 100 pages of technical info condensed into several paragraphs. The answer is to do research and take notes. Many of us on this forum have spent years doing just that. Curt
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    300 Lumens per Dollar LED

    That LED like the majority of LEDs are for Luminary applications only. They do not work in flashlights as there is no way to focus the beam pattern. Curt
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    The Vesuvius Hi-Current Flashlight

    revolver: The sticky at the top of this sub-forum shows the size, just go down to the Baltic Sea light. Curt
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    The Arc used the highest power 5 mm Nichia LED and drove the LED at 60 mA of current. The Circuit cannot deliver more power to the LED with 1.5 volts of battery. Led technology has by-passed the 5 mm LED. No matter what you may read about higher power LEDs in the 5 mm size range, they are a...
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    The WOW factor new light

    The sticky at the top of this sub-forum shows the size, just go down to the Baltic Sea light. To get this light in the shortest time frame we used components off the shelf and combined parts from the Shasta and Baltic Sea lights to make the Vesuvius light. We are basically out of parts to...