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    Better UV Flashlight - MT1U or S2+ ?

    My suggestion is to see if there is a Woods Glass (UV pass filter; available for the Convoy S2+) for the Nitecore MT1U. Many UV fluorescent "organic" materials have a relatively faint visible light glow. Unless you are going to wear "blue blocking" glasses, I would suggest that you get the...
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    Bad maratac?

    I have found that on my AAA Martac's, as the battery gets low, the M/L/H becomes pretty much M/M/M (very little to no difference between the settings). -Bill
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    Need a new scorpion hunting light

    From Malkoff's website: -Bill[/FONT][/COLOR][/FONT][/COLOR]
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    Need a new scorpion hunting light

    Here is an earlier UV + Scorpion thread (lots of information): -Bill I did not notice that this is a merged thread... A moderator can probably delete this post if not needed. -Bill
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    Need a new scorpion hunting light

    I have several Convoy S2+ UV and I got the Woods Glass filter for ~$4.00 Search "aliexpress convoy zwb2 filter 365 nv" and look for the filter (presently at bottom of page). The filter blocks 100% of the visible light from the UV LED (that I can see). -Bill
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    UV flashlight recommendation

    Just an FYI for the Convoy S2 UV light (I have 3 of them to play with)-- 3,000 mW (3 Watt) input UV LED (power from battery). Actual 365 nm UV output power is ~900-1,000 mW (0.9 - 1.0 Watt) of UV light... UV LED is only ~30% efficient conversion to UV light. For Demitri's question... There is...
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    The new Fenix LR40R

    It is something like 1,000 Lumen spot (single LED). And 11,000 Lumen flood (ring of LEDs). Switching allow a fair degree of mix (both sets of LEDs on) match (one set of LEDs). Blinky modes are only Flood (as I recall). Battery life is appropriate for modes selected (1,000 lumen spot only, 7...
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    Review with X-ray image: Convoy S2+ Desert Tan/Sandy Brown

    I like mine too... Some quick notes: 1. The battery check is 1-4 blinks. 4=100% full, 3~75%, 2~50%, 1~25% or less (have to really hunt around to find this information) 2. My light, on occasion, tail switch (10+ very fast clicks -> programming mode) (or driver electronics malfunction?) will...
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    Convoy Parts

    Here is an 18650 to 26650 "wavey" ring battery adapter. $0.40 each, 10x minimum order. Aliexpress from a vendor that I got a pair of Convoy S2+ LED UV flashlights from a couple months ago. Takes a few weeks to receive by mail, but no problem (other than trying to figure out how to get my Visa...
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    ZEBRALIGHT H501 and H30, info and pic-request

    PS: They both just came back into stock at ... -Bill
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    Anyone have problems with Fenix lights?

    My P3D switched levels by itself, after a few weeks of use, just with normal motion (shaking). Took out the batteries and polished the ends on my jeans (plus the button on the head of the light with a shirt tail)--and was good to go again. -Bill
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    Why is deciding on a new Fenix SO DAMN HARD!?

    Besides the P3D having longer runtimes, it also has a lower "low"... If you like "low" (not dim "low" though)... -Bill
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    Would you recommend SL "SideWinder" or something else?..

    Getting two lights would not be a bad thing here... A very bright light is not useful for closeup work (and even if it is an adjustable output light, the right angle light is easier to use hands free, plus the Sidewinder has the multiple colors of LEDs), and a small multifunction/multi-LED...
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    Question for Fenix owners

    Gee, nothing is perfect, in function, or reliability... If I went by my experience--My 40 year old 5D MagLight (which has never even had a bulb fail) or my ever reliable "Big Jim" would be my last lights. But, of course, I never used them that much because, as a kid, the batteries costs killed...
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    Question for Fenix owners

    If you want a bright light on AA or AAA Alkalines--You may not be too happy. Most alkalines die a pretty quick death on Turbo (check some of the runtime plots)--the AA/AAA alkaline batteries just don't do real well when discharged faster than ~4 hour rate--let alone a 1 hour rate or less (same...
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    Miner backup light

    Here is a good thread about "exploding" Lithium CR123a Cells... There is even video of cells under test failing. Reasons for failures are numerous (bad cell+good cell, dropped, overheated, dented, etc.). Chances of it happing to his flashlight is rare--but possible even if the flashlight is...
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    Miner backup light

    The tablet is a platinum catalyst (combines the hydrogen gas with oxygen in the air to prevent explosions--IIRC). Alkaline batteries can generate hydrogen gas just with use, does not need any exposure to salt water or otherwise. I don't see how any problem is solved with lithium primaries...
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    Miner backup light

    I would be surprised if they would allow him to bring a non-rated flashlight into a mine with methane and other gases present... The UK 4AA eLED family should be nice... I would think that a Class 1 Division 2 rated light would be OK with his job (I don't know the rating system at all)--but you...
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    Powerfull ir flashlight ?

    Here is a review with pictures of several NV LED lights using standard NV devices... -Bill PS: Also, here is a review of multiple generations of Night Vision devices plus a new one (Super Vision--more or less light a Sony NightShot CCD device). Not an IR light review-but does show how various...
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    Disappointing Max on Fenix P1D CE

    Or you can do it in dB (decibels). 10*Log X (base 10 log) Max 790 lux = 29.9 db Med 420 lux = 26.2 db Low 100 lux = 20.0 db (-20.0 db ref) 1500 = 31.8 db 800 = 29.0 db 170 = 22.3 db (-22.3 db ref) 720 = 28.6 db 390 = 25.9 db 102 = 20.1 db (-20.1 db ref) Assume that all "low" modes are...