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    Red Light Primary Headlamp - Waterproof, Metal, No Memory?

    I think the Sofirn D2LR is closest to what you want, and if you switch the emitters, ticks all the boxes. Standard UI activates white led from off, or red with a hold from off. Less than $30.
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    Music to the Marrow (To What Are You Listening?)

    Three day ear worm
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    Flip flops

    I was never a big fan of flip flops, but sandal and slides are what I live In during the warmer months, as soon as my workday is done. I’ve settled on Tevas and Birkenstocks. Tevas for pretty much anything, but the Birks when my feet start to hurt after a long day at work. Nothing like them. I...
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    God was listening!!!!!

    Why has no one commented on the fact that someone else lost their light?
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    Traveling Overseas with Flashlights: Advice Needed on Airplane Security and Best Choices for Travel Lights

    Lithium rechargeable batteries are not permitted in checked luggage. Keep them in carry on luggage if you have to have them. Personally, I bring lights that are AA and AAA form factor only while traveling by plane.
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    Red lens headlamp

    Sofirn D25lr clicks all the boxes.
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    Do you use the Mini-Maglite butt cap lanyard hole?

    Lanyard hole, no. Long ago I made a decent pocket clip out of a heavy coat hangar, still works well.
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    The Highest Quality Micro and Compact Flashlights.

    I’ve also had a Quantum DD on a keychain since I bought it new. DQG fairy is another surprisingly great light.
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    Annoying problem with a vintage NovaTac SPA Defense SPL-120

    I’ve had a few touchy lights that corroded at critical switch contact points just sitting around. I had to disassemble, clean, in one instance actually scrape to remove the corrosion on Bare aluminum. After that, I used deoxit. Then, I lubed all of the threads and orings; no problem since. Worst...
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    How's The Weather There ?

    Cleveland is showing an air quality index of 254 at the moment. We have a smoky haze and a definite campfire smell. Could use some rain and wind like the last few days.
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    Calling the cell phone experts .........

    I would wipe it clean , new SIM card , no additional apps,and don’t let it sync up with any of her other electronic devices ( including home wifi) See if that continues to work properly for a while. Then, if it’s okay, add one new thing at a time until it bricks again. Then you’ve found your...
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    Question: Number Of Flashlights

    I definitely have too many. But I’m okay with it.
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    Annoying problem with a vintage NovaTac SPA Defense SPL-120

    It sounds like a corrosion issue, probably losing contact after a prolonged time of inactivity. I would clean all of the contact points, including the spring.
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    Music to the Marrow (To What Are You Listening?)

    King Crimson Asbury Park
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    The story of a hero cop and his flashlight

    New switch boot, clean and lube, maybe clear coat so it doesn’t get Aluminum residue on you when using it, nothing more. It is a well used tool and should present as one.
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    Overtaking vs passing

    I remember one drivers training scare movie. Mechanized Death. I did the whole training thing over a two week period and I’ll never forget this one, right up there with “Reefer Madness “. When I had to do the on the road part, the instructor picked me up early one Saturday morning, the first...
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    Will I turn into a Maglite fan once again?

    You’re going to give that Logan an inferiority complex.
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    Overtaking vs passing

    Great thread. I drive roughly 20k miles/year and I’m still amazed at some of the driving habits I see on a daily basis, especially regarding lane usage and passing. I’ve always said that there are more people “riding” in their cars than there are actually driving them. From all of the...
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    Inflation -> recession

    Capitalism can work, but regulation and progressive tax policies are needed to keep it in check. Once those who have profited the most get to recreate the rule book, it’s destined to fail.