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  1. VegasF6

    Identify TIR optic

    It looks a lot like a Gaggione optic, and I did have some other stuff from Cutter I didn't label, but I am not quite sure. It may be the same one this thread listed as LLS01. *edit* Ok...
  2. VegasF6

    Identify TIR optic

    Hi, found half a dozen of these in one of my cabinets and forgot to label them. I am pretty sure they are XML optics that I bought from ledgroupbuy or perhaps reefsupply or one of the other places associated with aquariums. Or perhaps ledsupply, I dunno. No one seems to have them anymore. Either...
  3. VegasF6

    Can I upgrade the LED in this Flashlight?

    Considering the claimed runtime for that light from 3*AAA batteries we can assume they are not driving it very hard at all. Replacing the existing XPG with an XPG2 will yield very little increase in brightness. I would save the money and effort involved with instead buying another light.
  4. VegasF6

    Built my first triple!!!

    More info please, is there a sales thread?
  5. VegasF6

    3-up XPG board advice needed pls

    Soundman, what leads you to believe that the MCPCB is designed for Luxeon Rebel leds? If I had to guess I would assume you are influenced by the design of the LXB-RT20B Saber boards that are for Rebels. Incidently Led Supply sells a 3 up Indus star designed for the Cree XP series. The OP...
  6. VegasF6

    New XM-L driver on DX, anyone getting one?

    True, as the input voltage and output voltage neared each other I did have better efficiency , but if you notice the board temps, they kept getting higher too. At the time I tested it, I was more concerned with the inductor getting hot, but the diodes were very warm too. I was measuring with an...
  7. VegasF6

    New XM-L driver on DX, anyone getting one?

    I see. You can look at my measurements in post 33 for efficiency numbers from my testing of the prior model.
  8. VegasF6

    New XM-L driver on DX, anyone getting one?

    That doesn't sound as though it is operating at a constant current. Have your tried at any other input voltages to see if the output remained the same?
  9. VegasF6

    Pelican Big D bulb in ROP, how much voltage can it take?

    Just for the sake of testing it, you could simply complete the circuit with 6 batteries and a piece of wire, alligator clip, etc. For C cells you can use a piece of PVC pipe (1" I think) or for D cells, tape, a piece of paper, rare earth magnets etc. That will save you the money of buying an...
  10. VegasF6

    100 watt CC LED Driver for $12

    Bravo, thank you for sharing. I was just looking at this boost circuit literally 2 days ago for a project I am doing. I need 24V, I wasn't looking at making a CC circuit as you have done, but good to get some feedback on the original circuit as well. Thanks!
  11. VegasF6

    New XM-L driver on DX, anyone getting one?

    I tested mine with power resistors, but it's still no guarantee.
  12. VegasF6

    Help me mod my minimag -

    And it's sold... now what?
  13. VegasF6

    Modded Keychain Light

    They call them inverted cone leds. Mine are all salvaged from Christmas lights too, but you can buy them individually. I really like your keychain beacon. I would ask you if I could steal the idea, but you kind of borrowed it yourself :) Either way, it's going on my to-do list somewhere.
  14. VegasF6

    3w star emitter with built in driver?

    Jason, that will work fine. The board you link to has two built in AMC7135 linear regulators in parallel. Each supplies 350mA so 700mA total. They don't like to drop more than about 4V each so 2 series lithium batteries is too much. 1 18650 as you plan are fine. The only disadvantage to this...
  15. VegasF6

    xml-u2 star wiring

    The solder pads are on the XM-L itself on the right side of your photo, they are not circled. I can't really tell what the circled spots in your pic are. But, just use your digital multimeter in diode check mode (continuity) to check from the existing clearly marked tabs before you cut the...
  16. VegasF6

    New XM-L driver on DX, anyone getting one?

    I have only tested up to 3, but I don't see any reason it won't handle 4. Worst case, simply use 2 drivers and drive 2 leds each. Gotta warn you though, it's kind of buggy, and I know several cases where it has burnt leds. Since you are powering 40 something dollars worth of leds, you just may...
  17. VegasF6

    New XM-L driver on DX, anyone getting one?

    Yep, you knew I had a flashlight background didn't you? Got 5 more of these drivers in the mail today, though now I am not so sure I want to use them. Anyone else in this thread experience any failures with this driver, or leds burning out while using it?
  18. VegasF6

    New XM-L driver on DX, anyone getting one?

    Here is the testing Sall mentions, it may be of interest.
  19. VegasF6

    Triple MC-E 0D Maglite based bike light, MADE!

    Why is there a school bus in your yard? Looks like a real chick magnet. :crackup:
  20. VegasF6

    Nitecore D11 Resurrection (direct drive & cosmetic mods)

    Re: Help resurrecting a dead Nitecore D11? I had trouble with your link, try modifying it to read Or maybe the problem is just on my end, I dunno.