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  1. fire-stick

    Dad's noctigon rattles and has a ring in the beam

    I try to help him take care of it, but I dont know if he's lost a part or what. It rattles and has a bad ring when the relfector falls down/light is pointed down. The o-rings look pretty rough and one is kinda melted to the glass. I did clean the threadsm, but wasn't sure if this light had a...
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    Wurkkos TS21without optic?

    I want to use it without optic but lens keeps falling in. Also, what's the white bit under the optic, like plastic disk? I've never owned a mule. Do people use them without lenses? I guess then if it got wet it'd break.
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    Can this rim be fixed?

    no, it don't hold air. i had to swap it for a spare. thanks for the replies.
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    Can this rim be fixed?

    I was driving my dad's car home and had to swerve to miss another car that cut me off. I hit a curb with the force of 1000 mules. Is there hope for this rim? It's all the same rim just spun around a bit.
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    li-ion only charging to 4.0v?

    The 21700 built into the flashlight is only charging to 4.0v. I read somewhere this was only like 80 some odd %. I thought it was supposed to charge to 4.2v. I did have to adjust the setting in anduril 2 because it was reading too high compared to the fluke. Does this affect the charging too...
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    TS21 / Andruil 2 question

    On stepped mode, it goes up to max 50%, then I have to hit turbo to get it to 100%. (I want this.) For some reason, on ramp mode, it goes well past 50%, then when I hit turbo it just barely boosts it at all. This is my first andruil 2 light and I'm honestly surprised I got it set up as well as I...
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    Do you remember your first?

    After burning through a few "32 led" triple AAA lights from ebay I got a streamlight strion. I remember precisely it was like 70 bucks. I thought I had went off the deep end.
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    Best/strongest Spotlight bang for the buck

    They sell hid spotlights on ebay with 9 inch reflectors for $90. They run off 12v so maybe an external SLA battery... I'd imagine they aren't "1000 watts" prob 35 watts at least? Even a 35 watt hid spotlight with a 4" or 5" reflector will do 225,000 lux.
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    At what +/- DUV do you start to notice a greenish/rosey tint?

    Thanks. Looks like some good articles.
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    At what +/- DUV do you start to notice a greenish/rosey tint?

    I'm on zeroair looking at led color reports. (a riveting evening right?) First off... is 0.000 considered the most like sunlight? I seen a post on r/flashlight where someone was saying sunlight was like +0.0050 or a bit positive? Secondly, at what point does the light begin to take a tint? I...
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    LED Flashlight makes weird buzzing noise when pointed at black surfaces

    no it just does it in the super fast strobe like way faster than 16hz default probably like 40ish.
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    LED Flashlight makes weird buzzing noise when pointed at black surfaces

    Sorry if this isn't the right section for this. Like I said, when I point my light at rough black surfaces in strobe mode I can hear the surface pop/buzz along with strobe frequency. Its not the camera or the light because I can hear it coming from the surface. When I point it away from surface...
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    funny mistranslation of banggood motercycle LED light

    Just be careful if you buy this the bottom part of the beam will burn you and the top part of the beam will freeze you!!!!:grin2: I do like the angle tho... 120 degrees celcius is just about right!!! :naughty::grin2:
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    What type of driver is this in my spotlight? Simple LED swap?

    I want to mod my spotlight, but the kind of led I want says "not for use with direct drive / FET driver" ( Osram CSLNM1.TG) I do know the led in the light is getting 2.9v, but it is a little dead. It has...
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    USB powe bank and dual 5730 LED USB stick runtime?

    Well I took one for the team and carried that thing around all weekend! It ran 2 full days and 10 hours so 58 hours. I guess that 11000 mah block was not all it was cut up to be but figured that much! But heck though, you wouldn't need a light during the day so that's be almost 6 days at 10 hrs...
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    What to recommend to the non-Flashoholic???

    fitorch P25's are on sale.. they just have 4 power settings and are usb rechargeable. $35
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    What to recommend to the non-Flashoholic???

    both my dad and my grandma have an AA led maglite. They love it.
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    USB powe bank and dual 5730 LED USB stick runtime?

    I have an "11,000 mAh" USB power bank and a dual LED 5730 USB stick. The LED stick has 2 resistors: R1=06E and R2=390. I was wanting to know how long this would run. I am hoping to use it for emergency type lighting like a candle if the lights go out. I looked up online that the LED's are 60 mAh...
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    Fake Samsung LM561c S6 Quantum boards/strips?

    I seen a few fake Quantum boards floating around on Amazon, but on Ebay I can't read customer reviews on products. Can anyone take a look at this and tell if me if they think it's a fake or the real deal? I mean if it's fake I don't care as long as it has high CRI and does close to the...
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    Any websites that finance a purchase on flashlights?

    You could sign up for an Amazon card and make $25 minimum payments, if it's available on Amazon that is... It's pretty easy and pretty instant if my memory serves me correctly.