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    Hooking up 12v LEDs and removing 120v transformer

    Hi all, I converting a van to a camper and wanted lights for underneath the kitchen cabinet. I purchased this led light strip for Home Depot ( The first one I bought with USB connection...
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    12v LED dimmer switches

    Yeah, I guess I was mislead...the blog post says 12v, but it does say 120v on the switch box. Nothing you can do to convert these things?--either they're 12v or 120v? Thanks for the tips with the other switch...I'll try those out and see if I can get it to work.
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    12v LED dimmer switches

    Hi all, I bought two dimmable switches for these 12v LEDs I purchased here: One of the switches is a Lutron here...
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    Converting 120V LED track lighting to 12v

    Hi all, All I found when I tried to search this question was this answer:, which doesn't involve going from a 120v to a 12v. So I bought this LED setup here...