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  1. Mr Bigglow

    Who remembers the Tenka-Lite 2?

    Came across what is probably the second oldest working flashlight in my possession the other day, my dim but trusty old Tenka-Lite 2, I probably bought it around 1980. Incandescent bulb, 2 AA batteries, they were so dim as to be nearly useless by today's standards but a big advance over all...
  2. Mr Bigglow

    The Highest Quality Micro and Compact Flashlights.

    A Surefire Titan Plus has been on my keyring since 2020, gets some pretty rough treatment there but I've never had an issue with it.
  3. Mr Bigglow

    Folks that don't EDC flashlights.

    Like others here, if the need arose it might never occur to me to use my smartphone's flashlight capability because I'd go for the SF Titan Plus on my keychain. On the other side of the generation gap, I've twice had electricians come in to do work down in the dark basement and a smart phone...
  4. Mr Bigglow

    Does anyone like Surefire anymore?

    Back in the day, meaning around the time I joined CPF, I used to be able to buy Surefires for about half price when they upgraded to a new brightness level and those are the flashlights I still use all the time and rely on. Reliability is key and the only issue I've had with them was when the...
  5. Mr Bigglow


    Thanks for that info, tells me everything I need to know. I have lots of ordinary Eneloops so will use them for sure, unless we get into -40 territory temperature wise. I'd never encountered the black variety before.
  6. Mr Bigglow


    Wow, I just spent some time scrolling all the way through this thread from start to finish and, having been a Titan Plus owner for only two years, I'm happy that Surefire has solved any of the light's early flaws, real or perceived. Mine is just fine as received and spends its life as a...
  7. Mr Bigglow

    US Military changing CR123 battery use?

    I've been asking around military circles as best I'm able, and I do think this was just a (bad) rumour. Phasing out the 123 battery was once proposed by the USMC in order to save on logistic costs, but it seems it was determined that the cost of the phase out would be much more expensive. So the...
  8. Mr Bigglow

    US Military changing CR123 battery use?

    I've just caught a rumor that the US Military is phasing out the use of devices that take CR123 batteries and is phasing in the exclusive use of lithium AA cells. I repeat, this is strictly a rumor I've heard, but does anyone know more about it?
  9. Mr Bigglow


    1) Yes, as previously stated, the usual great advice found on this forum solved the problem almost instantly. 2) Actually we'd just done a late family Christmas for my benefit, after several months delay, and I believe I was channelling Dr Zeuss's 'Little Cindy Loo Who, who was only just 2' at...
  10. Mr Bigglow


    Back on the forum for a while at least, having missed the negative feedback on my little third world joke. It lacked context: I was joking about leaving it around for the Taliban to find and drive themselves crazy over. But whatever, it was just a joke about a flashlight.
  11. Mr Bigglow

    Tenergy Li Fe 123A Batteries and charger.

    Thanks Guys. Mine is still going strong all of one month later and, since I've been using the batteries in a carefree manner, has already paid for itself. Got it on
  12. Mr Bigglow

    What Do You Guys Do With Your Eneloop Bundle Costco Chargers ?

    As a prepper, I save them for emergency situations. Let's say you hear a hurricane or ice storm is on the way, whatever. You load all your Eneloops into the chargers and top them up for maximum usage after the power goes out. Or if power supply is intermittent, you can get as much charging done...
  13. Mr Bigglow

    Tenergy Li Fe 123A Batteries and charger.

    Guys, I don't get as much chance to hang out here as I once did and so if this is a beaten horse type topic, I apologise in advance- but I can't find a thread about it. I'm looking at a very affordable Tenergy battery charger and 4 batteries for the Li 123 format and wondering if it can be any...
  14. Mr Bigglow

    Petzl Strix

    Strange, can't start a new paragraph tonight? Anyway, I believe it's conceived for military stealth operations so therefore they can get away with the lowish output. I remember the days when I wanted that. And I see them on Me, I wish they'd built this one around the CR123 battery.
  15. Mr Bigglow

    What's a canceled tv show you wish they'd bring back, even if it was just re-runs?

    I could say Firefly, I should say Buffy, but I'll go for Supercar, a little remembered precursor to Fireball XL5 and all the 'supermarionation' British TV shows of 40-50 years ago. Mike Mercury, a Yank, used Supercar to battle a bald dude called, I think, Master Spy (who himself was so obviously...
  16. Mr Bigglow


    It was both the retaining collar AND the retaining plate, a perfecta. Working again, thanks very much!
  17. Mr Bigglow


    I've kept a Quark AA2 in my travel gear since I bought it a couple of years ago. It's been my go-to general task light and got used intensively for a few weeks at a time, then would have a nice rest for months before it was needed again. Now, shiny and new looking as it is, I find it's gone...
  18. Mr Bigglow

    I want to see your lanyard set ups for your Surefire E1B or other lights

    Re: I want to see your lanyard set ups for your Surefire E1B I cover the clip with a section of shrinktube, short enough to still allow a bit of use from the clip, then thread on a split ring at the bend and I'm good to go. Too lazy for pics, sorry.
  19. Mr Bigglow

    Eotech Foreend Weaponlight for 870s

    These are being made for both Remington 870s and Mossberg pump shotguns and are sort of new on the market but having had a chance to see one mounted on a brand new Mossberg, in the store I was impressed with the compactness and ease of use- however I just assumed the store wouldn't let me take...
  20. Mr Bigglow

    A tail cap can be used for...?

    For the record, the missing quark body turned up on the floor of the back seat of my car last Friday. Never will I understand what happened, short of magic pixies, but the lesson for me is: if something is clearly totally and irretrievably lost, just wait a while.