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    What is the smallest 2xCR123 w/tailcap clicky?

    Eagletac D25C2 is 4.4" long. The D25LC2 is 4.5" long. I believe the Quark lights that utilize 2xCR123 are around the same size as well.
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    General Purpose "Around the House" Flashlight

    How about the Olight S30R? Ticks all the boxes, including the charge in the cradle option.
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    Single 123, Bezel Up

    No tailcap clicky, but the Olight S10 is worth a look, especially if you prefer a neutral colored tint.
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    UK Camping/Utility/General led torch

    I really like my Olight ST25. It is however 2mm longer than your requirement. There is also the Olight S15 to look at.
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    Looking for a good 4 cell AA light

    For a two cell AA light, I have and use quite a bit the Olight ST25.
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    Does it exist? Ti 10440 under $100?

    The MBI HF-R Ti UTT (quite the mouthful) is $28 over your budget, but is probably worth a look.
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    Which High Output Flashlight?

    I'm a big fan of the SX25L3 and the MT-G2 emitter. It's definitely in my personal top five of all time best lights.
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    Looking for a light as a gift for a friend in the army

    I used a SureFire A2 with red LEDs in Afghanistan. If lots of throw is needed, there will be things bigger than flashlights to use, plus night vision. I forgot to mention that CR123s were easier to come by than AAs.
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    flashlight, if you could only own one flashlight up to $150 which would it be? (

    I'd go with an Eagletac SX25L3 with the MT-G2. Doesn't conform to your 2x 18650 standard, but is a lot more portable (IMO) than the toilet plunger style lights.
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    Olight S10-L2 or Olight S20-L2 ?

    I've been carrying an S10 in neutral white for the past few weeks, which is down a handful of lumens compared to the cool white version at 400. The S10 is hard to beat in terms of comfort for EDC. Why not head to a local dealer and try them both? If the S10 is bright enough for whatever it is...
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    What's the best flashlight i can get with US$ 100 ( or a little more) ?

    Foursevens Maelstrom MMU-X3. Small, simple UI, light weight and puts out a nice amount of light with a good balance of throw and flood. Realistically there are a ton of good options at the $100 and under mark.
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    Request to Recommend 750-1200 lumen 2x or 3x CR123

    If you want something less tactile, I would suggest looking at a Zebralight SC600 Mk II. If you're on a budget, the Eagletac T200C2 can be had in the $60 range. kj2 made some good recommendations as well.
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    Frustrated...need an absolutely reliable EDC SHTF flashlight

    I suggest saving a bit more for a SureFire E2L AA Outdoorsman in that case.
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    Frustrated...need an absolutely reliable EDC SHTF flashlight

    If you're truly poor, as you state, perhaps you should sell the ipad you're using to finance a more expensive light that meets your requirements.
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    Law Enforcement: Small & Medium

    I own a SureFire Lawman that I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to anyone in the LEO world. Yeah, the name is a little cheesy, but for it's intended purpose, there is no better.
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    Recommendation for first 18650?

    I've never had a bad battery yet, mostly because I buy well reviewed batteries from legitimate sources. I strongly recommend doing some reading down in the battery section of the forum, and checking out fellow CPF member HKJ's website here. I've personally used AW, Zebralight, Eagletac...
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    Recommendation for first 18650?

    I would recommend you take a look at the Eagletac D25LC2 with the XP-G2 LED since you want a nice hot spot. It's one of the smallest single 18650 lights out that still uses a clicky switch and will be easier to carry daily. It ticks off all your checked boxes except that it is not programmable...
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    Tiny, lightweight, simple, single AA EDC

    I can tell you that you won't find something as small as the D25A, at least in that price range. Most of todays 1x AA lights are so thick they may as well have used CR123 cells. The blinky modes on the D25A only activate once you've gone through the normal modes twice, meaning it takes the...