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  1. red02

    Fenix ARE X11 charger / Portable power bank

    I wanted something that would double as a charger and a power bank (in case there is absolutely no other way to charge my phone/camera). What is your guys' opinion about this? Does anyone have any experience using something like this? Does Fenix usually make good chargers? Link...
  2. red02

    Was I expecting too much?

    Does sound like your expectations were a little high. This is the most important point: You should return the light if you are not happy with it. It would be a waste of money if you didn't like and didn't use it as a result. Whats more, you'd waste more money and time trying to find another...
  3. red02

    My next flashlight...

    Zebralight 51 series have are nice lights for under $100. Pretty much as bright as 1xAA gets currently.
  4. red02

    Dark Red LED light?

    I've had good experience with the Ratshack red LEDs. 1 is kept in a P60 as a battery vampire and the other is in my photon freedom. I had the chance to test both with a spectroscope and both were around 660nm peak wavelength, the packaging said as much. I think ratshack also sells some 700nm...
  5. red02

    Dark Red LED light?

    I'm not sure what you're asking. How can a light be 'red' and be 'invisible' at the same time?
  6. red02

    Why do my LED lights keep dying?

    I agree 100% if a manufacturer rates their light for 40,000 hours AND includes a high mode with 200+lm, why shouldn't it be reasonable to expect that light to last? I've actually had a zebralight H501 die on me, now that I think about it I did run it at full power for most of it's life. This...
  7. red02

    Hunting Throw - AA

    double post --- :(
  8. red02

    Hunting Throw - AA

    I'm also in the market for a new thrower, but I'm having a hard time deciding between the Quark R5 AAx2 Turbo and a new Javelin XRE-R2 P60. What makes me ask the question is that I saw a going gear review video of the ET P20A2 Mk. II and the XPG seemed to throw ok. I know that based on the lux...
  9. red02

    Deerelight updates the DBS & CL1H models

    Sounds good, but does this mean you can't use standard P60 dropins anymore?
  10. red02

    What light would you purchase if they would only change (blank)?

    Great idea for a thread. a G2: if it had a good, reliable electrical path for non-SF P60s
  11. red02

    College Student Flashlight

    I'd suggest 1xAAA, or 1xAA if this light is expected to see dark of night in its service life. Something like the preon would be ideal due to its size, long battery life and low profile (realistically, I get the sense that a larger light might be left in the dorm if doesn't match the shoes). Any...
  12. red02

    Solarforce drop fit G2?

    The G2 I've got only tolerates the nailbender dropin I have in there. Sometimes it seems like there is a contact problem and other times its ok. The dereelight dropin I had before wasn't any better. I tried copper tape and all sorts of contact rings to no avail. Hope you have better luck.
  13. red02

    Lower the Low mode on T100C2 technique

    That's outstanding. The only reason I never picked up a T100 is the low was way too high for me. Some pics would be greatly appreciated.
  14. red02

    No one is impressed with your hobby?

    That really is an awesome idea. When do you think you can start adding people?
  15. red02

    HDS Systems EDC #14

    I was on the fence about the getting the clicky, whats the estimated runtime on the lowest setting?
  16. red02

    The neglected LOW LEVEL

    I've never been clear on this: Is the Photon Pro regulated?
  17. red02

    HDS Systems EDC #14

    AWESOME! Thanks, exactly what I was looking for. With a CR123 the runtime at that level must be months.
  18. red02

    HDS Systems EDC #14

    how does the low on the HDS compare to Photon Freedom?
  19. red02

    Help me find a LED thrower with good spill...

    Throw and spill are inversely related, as you increase one the other suffers. Consider something like the WE Krait, which has a focusable beam. 200yd is doable with most P60 based lights IMO. Unless you see a light in action, its difficult to understand what it is you really want.
  20. red02

    I got my first awesome LED and a bit perplexed.

    Its possible that street lights and light polution were interfering with some of the light. However, its common for marketing photos to dial up the exposure time on the shots collecting light for a longer time than the eye can. Generally if it looks too good to be true it probably is. Look...