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  1. mk2rocco

    Surefire M340C - Has anyone heard of any fakes?

    That tailcap definitely looks genuine. All the fakes I've seen have a different switch.
  2. mk2rocco

    Sold/Expired !!! Sure fire Aviator, White / Red

    Backup in case it falls through!
  3. mk2rocco

    For Sale - Flashlight RAT's Massive Surefire Sale thread

    I'll take the KL1-HA-RD A09428 if it's still available.
  4. mk2rocco

    When did SF start putting CAUTION: HOT SURFACE on their lights?

    Their latest Aviator does not have a warning mark.
  5. mk2rocco

    Lumens Factory E-series bodies

    @Mark@LF I don't see them on the site yet. I'll definitely be picking one up to Lego with my LF bodies.
  6. mk2rocco

    Sold/Expired VME lego $100 shipped.

    Do you know the color temperature of the drop-in?
  7. mk2rocco

    Best Light You've Ever/Never Owned

    My Oveready Boss 70 from the first run. It's been an amazing EDC.
  8. mk2rocco

    Lights you bought more than 1

    I have 2 Surefire G3 lights setup with AA adapters and M31L 219b dropins. It's the perfect "around the house" light.
  9. mk2rocco

    Anyone see this light on Kickstarter called DARKFADE

    I'm into it. Seems like a cool light with a novel design and UI
  10. mk2rocco

    Looking for high-end 18650 thrower pocket EDC.

    Cloud defensive MCH is very nice. Highly recommend.
  11. mk2rocco

    WTB: Surefire L1 (Any color emitter)

    Hello CPF, looking for any generation Surefire L1. Any condition will do as long as it works well. Thanks!
  12. mk2rocco

    How to tell a fake G2 from a real one?

    Looks real to me 👍
  13. mk2rocco

    Wanted: Zebralight H32w (123A headlamp)

    The seller gave a description so I new it was neutral. Unfortunately they have not replied to my PM so I haven't been able to purchase it.