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    Bringing a 6P in to the 21st Century

    I think what you meant to say was, "The body of the light acts like a heatsink. It draws heat away from the LED module. You WANT a good transfer of heat, away from the LED module, and into the body of the flashlight." Fixed it for you.
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    Bringing a 6P in to the 21st Century

    I found my old 6P last year, and like you, said, this thing can be useful again. I put a Keepower 16650 rechargeable battery in it, and dropped a Malkoff M61 warm low low low light in it. I think it has like 60-70 lumens for 10 hours or so.... before needing recharged. Its the perfect...
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    Original Surefire A2 Aviator - worth upgrading anymore?

    Yes, has anyone tried the new Lumens Factory LED drop in module for A2 lights?
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    Flashlight buying advice for Neighbourhood Watch program

    I’d use a 12V spotlight that plugs into the cigarette plug for in car use. Bright as all get out and no batteries needed. Then a rechargeable Streamlight LED of some flavor in the car, and a single 18650 light on the belt in a holster of the patrol officers.
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    What LED flashlight is sitting on your nightstand?

    Attached to the bed post with an old police duty holster, a Surefire A2L LED/red. Nightstand is a 500 lumen Surefire EB2 head on a LX2 body. Surefire X400 on the pistol. Surefire Scout M600 ultra on the AR15 in the corner.
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    What makes a flashlight tactical?

    What makes a flashlight tactical? If it is of the proper design to be used in a law enforcement, military, home defense, or personal protection scenario. If you are Joe Videogame Dude and don't know the first thing about "tactics" and couldn't fight your way out of a wet paper bag, then you...
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    Six Surefire lights for $300. Deal or no deal?

    I was offered the following six lights for $300. Or $60 each, if I dont buy the whole lot. Being a flashlight newb, I dont know much about most of them. Deal or no deal? I would have to say I am most interested in both of the outdoorsman models.