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    RC20 for my replace his cheap DX light with a quality light that doesn't require removing and charging Li-ion on a regular charger.
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    Las Vegas shooting...

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    Weapons Light for Pistol?

    Sig Sauer makes the Foxtrot1. I'm debating between this and the aforementioned Inforce APL as these are both single CR123 cell lights and not too large. Inforce also makes the APLC, which is a smaller, CR2 powered light. Edit: Another reason I'm considering these lights is the battery can be...
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    Giveaway!!! Free Klarus Tactical Light XT2CR for Test...

    ...built in charging and battery capacity indicator....
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    Weaponlight for Glock 17

    The Streamlight TLR-3 would fit the bill except it doesn't have strobe. Its not as bright as the TLR-1 which could be beneficial for use with dark adapted eyes. Its also about 1/2 the size of the TLR-1. These are the reasons I'm considering the TLR-3 over the -1.
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    IT'S GIVEAWAY TIME! January Contest

    Wish I woukd have gotten an HL50 headlamp. I still don't have a dedicated headlamp yet. Thanks for the opportunity!
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    HDS Systems EDC # 19

    +1 I'll admit I try my very best to keep my new lights from getting that first ding or scratch. But once it happens, its so much easier to use them as they are intended. My HDS now gets used just like a wrench or ratchet when working on vehicles. If it hits the ground, oh well. Wipe off the...
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    Best bang for the buck AAA/keychain light: $8 for 60 lumens?

    This question can be a bit subjective. For me, I would say The Thrunite Ti titanium. I started with a Maratac AAA sst and really liked it. I then wanted a clicky, so I picked up a Lumintop Tool. Great little light. I then found the Thrunite Ti christmas version that started in low mode (and has...
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    Four Prizes, Four Winners, Gearbest Giveaway WINNERS!

    Re: Four Prizes, Four Winners, Gearbest Giveaway I'm 40.....but when I do something stupid and my wife asks me how old I am, I hold up 3 fingers!
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    What knife/knives do you EDC?

    +1 on the Gerber EAB. I recently started carrying an EAB in addition to my Zero Tolerance 0566 and my Leatherman aPS4. I love the fact that I can ruin the edge of the EAB blade and just replace the blade and it's razor sharp again.
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    Nitecore Thanksgiving giveaway

    Yet again another social media driven give away eliminating those of us who chose not to have our pesonal lives on the web. Good luck to those of you who do (meaning the give away and with all your social media accounts!)
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    What did you use your flashlight for today?

    It's deer season again. Thrunite Ti2 AAA clipped to my hat to navigate to and climb into my tree stand. Packed 4 other lights (besides my HDS on my belt) with plenty of batteries in the event we need to track one after dark.
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    Looking at the leatherman surge. Any other brands have good alternatives?

    I had a Buck model 360 back in the late 90's because I didn't like the sharp edges of the original Leatherman handles. I lost it and replaced it with a Wave once it came out. I've looked at other multi tools, but Wave fits my needs so well. I like the Leatherman Charge, but see no need to shell...
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    【HOT CAKE GIVEAWAY】LUMINTOP LM34C Micro-USB 18650 Li-ion Rechargeable Battery GAW

    Re: 【HOT CAKE GIVEAWAY】LUMINTOP LM34C Micro-USB 18650 Li-ion Rechargeable Battery GAW Safety 1st, then capacity and reliability. I would be willing to try it.
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    HL50....I need a headlamp. So even the HL10 would be awsome.
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    KLARUS Mi7 COLOURFUL Giveaway!

    Mi7, I love the Mil-Spec Olive drab most.
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    【GIVEAWAY】LUMINTOP Torpedo 007 New Light GAW!

    Tell me your opinion about Torpedo 007, like or Dislike ? It looks nice for occasional use. I dont like the lack of knurling or lack of clip. How do you love Stainless Steel Flashlight? Stainless is nice for durability. Why you don’t choose a Stainless Steel Flashlight? I like titanium over...
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    What did you use your flashlight for today?

    I didn't "use" it per se....but this morning my wife wakes me up around 1:00 a.m. by poking me in the back. Not sure if I was dreaming, I ask her what she wants. No reply. I ask again...nothing. Finally she askes me very incoherently "where's you flashlight? " confused, I tell her it's on my...
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    KLARUS XT1C Giveaways!

    I'm in... XT1C, Bright Choices, Brilliant Prizes! Thanks for the opportunity.
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    What did you use your flashlight for today?

    My wife was on vaction this week so I took some days too. Yesterday we toured a couple of caves close to home. I took my normal edc lghts...HDS 200, Thrunite Ti titanum AAA andy my DQG spy. For cave illumination I decided to take my EagleTac P100c2 because its size makes it very pocketable...