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    Is this household voltage safe?

    Years ago (decades) I defined our power supplies (computer) as 190 to 265 vac. 265 vac was for our Australian customers. Have you asked the utility what their take on the line voltage was? -Bill
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    GPS Help

    The new Garmins (like the 60cx types) have much more sensitive receivers and, potentially, will give you much more accurate locations in heavy brush and buildings than the older units. The older units, for example, would never work inside a building or store. I looked at a 60cx and was...
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    Toaster Ovens

    Yep, that is where I got ours... And I thought I remembered $99 too, but was not sure at the time. At that price, very nice small oven and with convection--it does a better job of heating and cooking. -Bill
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    Toaster Ovens

    We have a "newer" Cuisinart Convection Toaster Oven for the last two years that we like a lot. It has electronic buttons/LCD instead of mechanical timers (believe it or not, the typical toaster oven mechanical timer drove me up a wall with the noise). The oven has all of the typical settings...
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    Digital TV converter box

    Blowing down through the link that NA8 provided gives a list of "approved" receiver/converters... I personally would be very careful in getting one without seeing reviews or letting a friend get one first... I purchased a Korean made unit a year or two ago (that is not on the list) and at...
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    Emergency Radio - What to buy

    They do have one good suggestion in there... In the US, there is no requirement for wireless phones (type you plug a base station into your home phone line) to work if AC power is out. Having a simple plug-in phone may not be a bad idea. I wonder how many folks out there now only have wireless...
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    Help with Rotary Phase Converter

    I am not quite sure what you have for a RPC--is it a motor/gen set, or simply a three phase motor being use as a rotory converter itself... If it is the second, here is one short article about setting it up (seems to be an OK article): Phase Converter Years ago, I had setup a friend's machine...
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    Plasma TV's in the US ?

    You might look at Computer Monitors (if you have high taxes on TV's) and get a TV/Cable/Satellite Tuner for a cheap computer. Or, look a LDP type projector (something that you could bring in with carry on luggage--don't know about import tariffs for your part of the world). May not be quite as...
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    Anybody else have bad luck with usb hubs, memory card readers

    I have had two Compaq computers (now HP) that had disk problems that seemed to get worst when USB devices where plugged in (especially during boot)... Sent the newer one back for repair, problem still happened (fail to boot with apparent hard disk hang--diags would also hang hard disk during...
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    Emergency AM/FM radio

    A great 1x AA radio is the Sony SRF-59 FM/AM Radio Walkman (with headphones) around $16-$18. Battery is supposed to last (I would say, at least) 100-140 hours. The other little radio that I like is a Sony SFR-M37V FM/AM/Weather/TV Radio Walkman with 25 Memory Presets (and Headphones). This is a...
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    MP3 Player Painting

    Print your own skin link They print it for you on vinyl link Custom Colors for Apple Products link Or, have you tried a local paint/sign/custom paint shop (motorcycles, etc.) for what you want? Try some airbrushing yourself or an artistic friend? -Bill PS: By the way, are you looking for...
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    Help! WAAS on or off?

    It not not that WAAS is a problem--WAAS (and the GPS system as a whole) was really was designed for Aviation (thousands feet in the air, clear of obstructions. If you are concerned about wet trees and canyons blocking your signals--then you are probably too close to the ground. :whistle: And...
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    Help! WAAS on or off?

    The GPS without WAAS is already more accurate than the maps. On past units WAAS used more a little bit more power and, if you did not get a good WAAS signal, the GPS was sometimes a little bit less accurate (don't know about the new Garmans with the new chip set). With the Nuvi, you probably...
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    recomend handheld gps.

    The one issue/problem with the new SIRF "x" chip set units is that the batteries die ~30% faster than the non-"x" version of the same uints. The "x" version also sound like they have significantly faster processes (faster screen painting and route calculations). -Bill
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    Cell Phone modded to Universal Remote / Prank Toy!

    I would be a little concerned around an airport or large public facility with a "modified cell phone"... Security people are already jumpy enough without some guy carrying a cut-up cell phone (frequently used for initiating bombs). -Bill
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    what is a good survival pants ?

    What else are you looking for in survival pants... For example, when I am flying/traveling I wear natural fabrics (cotton, wool, etc.) because the chance of surviving a fire in a plane or hotel is much higher than if you have on synthetics that melt to your skin. -Bill
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    GREAT Article On Flashlights & Emergency Lighting

    Re: GREAT Article On Flashlights & Emergency Light Well, I remember one of his articles from 2003 (had to use Google Cache--for some reason I cannot bring up this one article directly from NewsMax's site): Emergency Lighting... [ QUOTE ] GONCZ Flashlight ( This is a line of...
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    GPS barest minimum $$$ for Minor street navigation

    Re: GPS barest minimum $$$ for Minor street naviga Please go to the GPS Information web site... There are specific entries and other websites for PDA based solutions. Also, they are ussually pretty good about answering email questions. Personally, I and another friend have Garmin SPIII's while...
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    GPS barest minimum $$$ for Minor street navigation

    Re: GPS barest minimum $$$ for Minor street naviga Garmin has a GSM cellular phone with GPS for use outside of the US... This is a true stand-a-lone GPS with cell phone. I saw an ad for mapping on a cell phone--but I believe that this used the GPS receiver chip in the phone and a website type...
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    GPS barest minimum $$$ for Minor street navigation

    Re: GPS barest minimum $$$ for Minor street naviga WARNING: Wild generalizations follow--Specific hardware and software model specifications/reviews should be consulted before purchase. -Bill Almost all of the consumer GPS's have what is called a "track log"... Some are relatively limited...