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  1. Phil828

    Defunct brands

    CMG (Course Made Good) which I believe is Gerber now.
  2. Phil828

    What is your keychain light???

    I have carried Photon lights for years but after trying the Nightcore Tube I have changed my preference. Buying new batteries is always a pain and the Tube eliminates that problem.
  3. Phil828

    Duluth Trading Company is selling Fenix lights

    I just got a new Duluth catalog yesterday and they have the LD41 flashlight and the HL30 headlamp for sale in addition to some cheaper lights.
  4. Phil828

    Just ordered a Fenix PD32UE, battery question -

    That's exactly what I wound up getting and it works perfectly in my PD32UE.
  5. Phil828

    **NEW** Fenix PD32 Ultimate Edition (XM-L T6 NW, 740 lumen)

    I just ordered a PD32 UE partly because of all the glowing comments about it on this forum. My favorite all-around light so far is my LD21 which is not too much different in size from the PD32. I am looking forward to the increase in power and tint and also would like to try stepping up to...
  6. Phil828

    Just ordered a Fenix PD32UE, battery question -

    I am new to the li-ion scene also, I am looking to invest in a few 18650's so I can see how they perform in a really serious flashlight. In particular I am looking at the TK75 with 3400 mAh Orbtronic batteries and probably a Pila charger. I have a question about the comment made that these...
  7. Phil828

    lithium lights that also take alkalines/nimh

    The Jetbeam RRT-0 will take an AA battery with an extender.
  8. Phil828

    Friend is going to Haiti im thinking about sending some lights?

    There are several solar lanterns available that were developed specifically for third world countries. They are hung outside during the day to charge and brought in at night to use. I have not tried any of these myself but if I ever go back to Haiti I will take some with me. The normal method of...
  9. Phil828

    Parasitic Current Drain of TK50

    This is a very unscientific observation of parasitic drain in a TK41. I bought the light last April and loaded it with Imedions right out of the package since I did not have a charger at the time. The light has not been used a lot (I tend to use my LD20 for every day) but the batteries have...
  10. Phil828

    Fenix LD20 problem with turning on

    Start with the simplest solution first, try cleaning the contacts at the head even if they don't appear dirty.
  11. Phil828

    DeoxIT® GOLD Liquid

    I used some on an LD01 that was skipping modes. Just a drop on a Q-tip did a really nice job of cleaning the contact and solved the problem. There are two types of Deoxit, the Gold is the less abrasive.
  12. Phil828

    Advice needed - Quark, Jet Beam, or Fenix?

    If you hang around here very long you will wind up with all three.
  13. Phil828

    Recommend Batteries for Light?

    Probably most people here would say that Sanyo Eneloops are the best available LSD NiMH battery. The newest version is advertised as being able to be recharged 1500 times which is far more than any other manufacturer claims.
  14. Phil828

    Grandmoms 2D MAGlite (An LED Drop-in Question)

    Just got done refurbishing my old 3D Maglite that my father gave me many years ago. Replaced all four O-rings, switch boot, glass window instead of the original plastic one, fresh batteries, cleaned and lubed everything. And replaced the bulb with a TerraLUX dropin. Probably spent a little more...
  15. Phil828

    LED flashlights for Haiti

    Hello JB, I think the gift of quality LED lights for Haiti missionaries is a thoughtful idea. I have been to Haiti numerous times and one can never have enough flashlights. We just don't realize how dark it is at night when there is no electricity. As far as recommendations I would definitely...
  16. Phil828

    Calling all TK41 users

    I am using Imedions right now, when it us time to recharge I will swap Eneloops.
  17. Phil828

    Calling all TK41 users

    I received my TK41 a couple weeks ago and although I haven't had occasion to use it much yet I find it to be a very well designed and manufactured light. I am quite pleased with it. As others have said it is beautifully machined, comfortable size, smaller than expected. I find the battery holder...
  18. Phil828

    fenix LD 10?

    Sorry for the multiple posts, I was getting an error message and didn't think they were going through.
  19. Phil828

    fenix LD 10?

    The Fenix LD15 is a 1 AA flashlight, 117 lumens on highest level. I don't happen to own one.
  20. Phil828

    fenix LD 10?

    The Fenix LD15 is a one AA flashlight, 117 lumens on highest level.