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    Here are my requirements for a new tactical light. Does it even exist?

    You could Lego a 700+ lumen Quark Tactical (programmable 2-mode) Burst Mode (QT2L-X) on a 16650 @ 4.5x0.9" for $70-something from FourSeven's accessory section. However, it would require shaving a couple tabs inside the clicky to turn it into a momentary-only switch.
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    edc/emergency flashlight and newbie questions

    I'm into EDC, runtime, emergency preparedness, and as a camper - maintaining my night vision. I think a lot depends on how serious you are into the emergency use aspect. I'd go with a 1AA/14500 since you are more likely to have the light with you if it's pocketable, all the battery chemistries...
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    The Be All, End All EDC Light request.

    Have you considered a 16650 cell? They are 2/3-3/4 the capacity of an 18650 and work great in all Quarks. Quark Clicks are programmable (for modes and order) with last mode memory - my sample's high voltage mode spacing is ~1/90/225/450/700 and the low voltage is ~1/30/75/150/300 (I have a...
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    Looking for an EDC/Defensive light

    Yes, Lego'd from their accessory section.
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    Looking for an EDC/Defensive light

    I'd suggest a Quark Tactical Burst Mode (700-800 lms, ramps down to ~400 in a min.) for <$70 and 0.9 x 4.5 inches. This is a programmable 2-mode with a loose/tight bezel UI and forward clicky. Won't fit an 18650 but a 16650 works great and is ~3/4 the capacity of a 18650, and of course 2x...
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    100mm x 25mm (4x1 inch) multi fuel high performer

    I'm running low voltage XML Quark Pros and Clicks (programmable) on a Lego'd 2CR123 tube with 16650 cells (~3/4 18650, or 3x 14500 capacity) and they'll meet all the requirements except output (~420 Selfbuilt lumens) and length (114mm). I make my battery spacers on the fly with tinfoil. You...
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    Need Help Finding New EDC Compact Flashlight

    I have most the of lights (or iterations thereof) mentioned above.... and still favor the Quarks. But then again, I'm a rare night-vision, multi-battery, runtime enthusiast.
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    Need Help Finding New EDC Compact Flashlight

    You can get a clearance Quark Tactical QTL (fixed clip) or QTLC (Clipless) for ~$25 (eBay, brand new, but no warranty). These are programmable 2-mode loose/tight bezel lights (0.2,6,26,102,246 lumens, +various blinky modes) - you can program both to the same output for strict single mode...
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    looking for 2AA recommendation

    I use (and test) efficient low low output lights in dark conditions with dark-adapted eyes in close quarters for long periods (e.g. camping task work) - probably 0.3-0.5 lm moonlights ~45% of the time, and 3 lm lows ~40%. The most efficient lights for my usage pattern will run those outputs...
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    Need recommendation for tach light

    Won't fit 18650s, but 16650s will. ~700-800 lms Quark Tactical burst mode can still be logo'd from 47s accessory section for ~$70ish. Programmable 2mode, loose/tight bezel UI with forward clicky.
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    Pocketable EDC Tactical Light

    Won't match Malkoff/Elzetta build quality but a Quark Tactical Burst Mode (QT2L-X) would fit the bill otherwise. It's ~$70 and will run on 2xCR123 or 1x16340.
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    Looking for new simple flashlight

    You can get a clearance Quark Tactical 1xCR123/16340 for ~$25. It's a programmable 2-mode loose/tight bezel UI with forward clicky. Fixed bezel up clip though... but could be used as a head lamp clipped to a hat with duck bill.
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    Bedtime flashlight for my daughter

    Quark Tactical AA (QTA), programmable 2-mode, $25 delivered, meets all the requirements. Easy momentary-only mod. Lock output to a moonlight (200 hr runtime, ideal bedroom output for me) single mode with JB weld.
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    I've done my homework, but please help me out! looking for a backcountry torch

    I'm a camper and have similar requirements as you - good selection of efficient low lows, crazy long runtimes, and extreme battery versatility in a pinch. I like my night vision and use 0.3 and 3 lms 45/45% of the time, and then 30 and 300 lms 10% (400+ Chinese/Selfbuilt lumens). My...
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    Top Hands Free Power Light

    Haven't been too happy with the headlamp offerings so I use my favorite flashlights with one of these:
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    EDC Defence Light? Brightest/Smallest Possible !

    You can still build a few models from the accessory section - I assume until old inventory runs out. I just got the head.
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    EDC Defence Light? Brightest/Smallest Possible !

    Thanks for reminding me.... I'm picking up the tactical burst mode before they're gone for good, and I have every other iteration of the series. I'll be running mine on 1x16340/14500/16650 tubes for ~800 lms true tactical light. D25s copied the Quark Pro UIs... not the Tactical UIs. If you...
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    Need recommendation for "baseline" light for comparative reviews

    Eagletac D25A and D25C Clickies.... Ti w/N219s.
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    Best for Home Use / Intruder/Security Flashlight?

    I don't own one, but Surefire has a 2-stage momentary tail switch where you press halfway for low output, and mash the rest of the way for max, and I understand you can twist tighten to locking in either output. Conventional wisdom says it is best to have a single mode forward clicky, and...