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    Test/Review of Charger ML-102 V8.0 2015

    I don't understand why they keep "upgrading" this charger, but won't bring back the ability to charge protected cells. I'd love to buy some more of them, but I only own protected cells.
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    I'm looking for a battery carrier that I can slip into a skinny pocket.

    Re: Help me find one!!! If you have enough room to carry two cells side by side rather than end to end, Midway USA sells a little 2x cr123 case made by ASP, I have no idea how good the quality is though.
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    I'm looking for a battery carrier that I can slip into a skinny pocket.

    Re: Help me find one!!! Oveready has a delrin battery holder sized for 18650, should hold two cr123's just fine. Another option is those plastic waterproof match holders made by Coleman, you can usually find them in the camping aisle at Wal-Mart for about two bucks. I use the Coleman ones to...
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    is this going to be safe? - packing tape as a 17670 wrapper

    Keep a close eye on it until you can get some proper shrink wrap on there. I prefer a colored shrink wrap, it makes it easier to see when it starts to wear through at the metal strip that goes from the protection circuit to the positive end. Sent from my XT1080 using Tapatalk
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    ML-102 charger v3.0 - a little different from v2.0

    The pictures that I posted above are versions 2.0 and 3.0 of the ML-102 charger, no mix-ups. The model and version are printed right on the circuit boards. The ML-103's linked above are not the same thing, the input is a 5.5mm connector, and it does not have the USB output. I don't have any...
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    ML-102 charger v3.0 - a little different from v2.0

    I got one of them "modified" enough to fit my Eagletacs by dremelling out behind the negative spring and bending the spring a bit, but then it would only charge up to 4.12 volts, and the "mods" left a bit to be desired in the durability department. I didn't feel like messing with them anymore...
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    Trade 2x CR123's with 1x 18650?

    Yep. Just buy a good quality one like AW.
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    Trade 2x CR123's with 1x 18650?

    To my knowledge, there are no Surefire lights that will take a 18650 in stock form, you would have to have the light bored out. You can however replace the two cr123's with a single 17670 without having to modify your light, basically the same thing as an 18650, just a bit more narrow and less...
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    They both sell the same version, GG just hasn't bothered to update the picture.
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    ML-102 charger v3.0 - a little different from v2.0

    I just received two ML-102 chargers this morning and decided to test them out, went to insert an Eagletac 3100 mah 18650, doesn't fit lengthwise, not even close. The specs on the website that I purchased them from say that the maximum length supported is 69mm, my Eagletac 3100's are 68.1, so...
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    Eagletac cr123a - Panasonic cell?

    The Eagletac 1700mah CR123's that I bought 6 months ago said "made in China" if that tells you anything.
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    Battery Labeling Integrity

    I use an industrial Sharpie on my Eneloops to mark the purchase date and battery number. For my 18650's, I use my Brother label maker to mark the same info as the AA's. I haven't had any issues yet with 18650's fitting into my lights with labels.
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    [Poll] What Li-Ion charger do you use?

    I use a 4 Sevens charger, well two of them actually, they are pretty simple to use and you generally don't have to fumble around with spacers and other junk to charge smaller stuff. I also have an iCharger 106B+ and an Accucel 6 from my r/c cars, but I haven't bothered to adapt them to use with...
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    Spare 18650 carrier?

    Those orange Coleman match holders that you see in the camping section at Wal-Mart, etc. fit an 18650 pretty nicely.
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    P60 Driver recommendation?

    Sounds like 1.5 amps or less will have to do. I currently have an EDC+ X60L drop-in, which puts out somewhere around 400 lumens on high, so if it can for the most part keep up with that, I will be happy. As far as the heat is concerned, I will be shimming the drop-in to the head with aluminum...
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    P60 Driver recommendation?

    I want to build a few P60 drop-ins, I have everything else figured out, now I just need to find a driver that will work. I will be putting these in Solarforce L2T hosts, they need to be able to handle a single 18650, but also need to be able to use two CR123 primaries. I would also like to...
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    New Eagletac 3100 mah 18650 design?

    Yeah, I definitely like the well marked positive end better. With the black ones, I made my own label to better mark the positive and negative ends.
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    New Eagletac 3100 mah 18650 design?

    Anybody know if there is anything to the new white and red wrappers on these things? Is there something different about the cell/protection circuit, or just a facelift to make theirs stand out from all of the others that look just like each other?