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  1. John_Galt

    For all you off-grid people

    Call me stupid, but I don't understand the point. You have a vehicle, which could be used to move from point A to B.... and so on and so forth. Then you take that same vehicle, and using it to power a home... Potentially using all of its stored energy. So you've taken a transport device...
  2. John_Galt

    What Do You Drive?

    I had a 91 isuzu rodeo, till about a month ago. Wrecked it driving myself and a friend home from a night of fun with more friends. [Note: My friends and I are, unfortunately, not the norm in our area. We don't smoke, drink, do drugs, etc. We're all cool guys, and we stay out of (serious)...
  3. John_Galt

    What is The Best Way To Get Rid of Mice

    I propose this: Earsplitten Loudenboomer (Rightmost in picture)... You'll probably miss... Alot... But why not have some fun trying to get rid of the buggers?
  4. John_Galt

    Foods you love that some people find disgusting

    Not really a food, and, compared to some of this stuff... Not that bad... My favorite drink: 50/50 mix of Pepsi and Orange Juice. Looks like brown sludge, especially with OJ that has pulp, has a slightly thicker texture, and doesn't smell... Pleasant... But very tasty.
  5. John_Galt

    Guns and Knives make anyone else feel out of place or uneasy?

    Exactly. I truly do not understand the position of those who insist that because "they" have "no use" for something, it should be banned. If you don't fell comfortable around something, don't purchase one, and don't put yourself in areas or situations where they are common. But don't try to...
  6. John_Galt

    Moving to Portland, OR

    I can understand your decision. My family and I went to San Francisco for vacation several years ago. Beautiful place, but definitely not somewhere I'd want to live. We went all over, tons of different places, even off the beaten track, and didn't meet very many friendly people. Left the...
  7. John_Galt

    Guns and Knives make anyone else feel out of place or uneasy?

    Nope, not at all. Just as others have said, unstable people with these things makes me feel uneasy, but that's about it. I've been raised in a relatively conservative house. We have our beliefs, and realize other people have different beliefs. But we don't try to force our beliefs on...
  8. John_Galt

    .PDF Download Sites: Anyone know of any good ones?

    Hey, I've been looking for pdf files of the Isuzu Rodeo owners and maintenance manuals. In my trawls across the internet, I've come across a really good motorcycle owners manual site, which is pretty neat, but not what I'm looking for. My searches are not just limited to the owners and...
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  10. John_Galt

    Things today's kids missed out on

    Typewriters... What a wonderful sound, the clickin, clacking symphony of one's thoughts being put on paper (and having to get it right the first time, too!)... What an amazing thing, this tangled machine full of levers, screws, bolts, and ink tape, and its ability to teach proper typing. Such...
  11. John_Galt

    Mom getting old?

    My grandmother tends to copy and paste entire web pages in emails. I've tried explaining how to post the link, which can be followed. With that, she had a ton of trouble getting it... I think it has a lot to do with older peoples' early typing experiences. On a typewriter, if a mistake was...
  12. John_Galt

    Things that don't make sense

    I'm sure their are building codes that require low-flow shower heads. Using two in such a manner allows them to still be technically within code, but they get fewer complaints from people about crappy flow and pressure issues.
  13. John_Galt

    Is Life Worth Living?

    You just have to remember this... Life is cyclical, as is nature. Things always return to a state of normalcy, although this state may change from time to time, or situation to situation. But nature always balances out. Life is like that. A lot like that. We all have a place in the cycle...
  14. John_Galt

    Things that don't make sense

    Those are actually great, because they give you an extra 20+ minutes to use the bathroom, find good seats (assuming the theater isn't crowded, of course) and get your snack foods. Or some extra time to get there, if you run into an unexpected delay. See, there's an upside to everything. I...
  15. John_Galt

    Do you love a cold glass of ice water?

    I cant stand warm water... Between war/lukewarm water and soda, the soda wins, even though I don't like it very much. Ice water all the way!
  16. John_Galt

    found something in my food that shouldnt be

    That happened to me when I was younger. I had a mouth full of loose baby teeth, and had a Burger King burger. Bit down on it, stopped mid-chew, and puled out what I thought was a tooth... Freaked me out for a minute, I don't know why, I guess because I didn't feel a tooth get puled out...
  17. John_Galt

    Commercial interests = CPF censorship?

    in B4 lock But, seriously... A private person owns this site. They allow us to use it, and if they feel that a jibe at a respected company and their advertisements is unwanted, they can remove it.
  18. John_Galt

    Governmental Regulation

    PM inbound about possible high current driver and or SST90 LED purchases... If you're interested, LOL!
  19. John_Galt

    Governmental Regulation

    Realistically, we here at CPF are an extremely tiny minority compared to the rest of the flashlight users of the world. We like to stay at the bleeding edge of advancements, while most consumers look for what is cheapest, at the expense of everything else. The average person out there doens;t...
  20. John_Galt

    Governmental Regulation

    I'll admit, I did that. +1 to your post. Excellent points!