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    Sadly after checking that the journey time is going to be 7 hours for me to get to the camp site, I have to back out. Looks like it will be awesome, so am gutted to miss out. I'll just have to look forward to the photos.
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    Definitely keeping an eye. End of September looking more likely, but trying to confirm some dates that are out of my control.
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    Quick hello to the group :-) That was all.
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    Does look good. 4 hour drive, and definitely an overnighter needed. I shall cogitate upon the matter.
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    Knife Review: Extrema Ratio T4000 C

    Included in this review of the Extrema Ratio T4000 C, a compact classic Tanto with Extrema Ratio's tactical sheath and handle, are a video with an overview and detailed measurements, galleries of the packaging, sheath, and knife, plus insights into how it is to use. Let's take a closer look...
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    Light Review: Fenix TK30 White Laser LEP

    I didn't have the remote switch to test, but a quick visit to Fenix gave the AER-04 as the model. I used the Eagle Mounts MX1101 for my testing, but this is more of a temporary system than something you would use long term.
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    Streamlight Sidewinder Compact II Review

    This is a great light. For me the only downside is the parasitic drain especially on plain AA as I tend to have it more as a standby light, not a daily user. This is inevitable though due to the multi-cell options and power circuit required. Very handy light.
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    Light Review: Fenix WT16R and WT20R

    I do love an articulated head! The WT20R does feel well made. Much as I love the Streamlight Sidewinder, the WT20R's articulation is better with the clicks and the two beam options are so much better than the Sidewinder (which I still love). The magnet is very useful too and you effectively have...
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    Light Review: Fenix PD 32 V2.0

    When you say text version, do you mean the full review? If you click on the image in the first post it will take you there. Also the video description on the youtube video has the link?
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    Light Review: Fenix WT16R and WT20R

    I've always liked functional lights, those lights that not only give you light, but give you various options for positioning and types of light. Typically they are not the mega-lumen monsters, instead with more modest outputs, but with a focus on utility. One of the latest releases from Fenix is...
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    Light Review: Acebeam L35 - 5000 Lumen Tactical Flashlight

    For me, finally, the long awaited arrival of an Acebeam L35. In fact, for this test sample I had given up all hope and written it off as lost, but amazingly it did arrive, only five months late! (courier issue, not Acebeam) Clearly it was meant to be (eventually), and as with all Acebeam lights...
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    Knife Review: Extrema Ratio Sethlans

    Back when it was launched, I took a 'first look' at the Extrema Ratio Sethlans knife. Now, after being able to use the Sethlans for several months I can bring you this much more detailed look at the knife and its comprehensive equipped sheath. The Sethlans is designed to be used for bushcraft...
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    Knife Review: Fällkniven U1c slip-joint

    For me, Fällkniven's U1 pocket knife has been flying under the radar. You might think it is not the most exciting knife, a small slip-joint with simple build, but then again perhaps it is.... Now that I've been living with and using this knife for an extended period, I have found it is one of...
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    Light Review: Fenix PD 32 V2.0

    It memorises the last used mode. You can set it to low and (assuming you don't accidentally change it) keep it there.
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    Light Review: Fenix PD 32 V2.0

    Silly me got the video BB code wrong! Should be the right video now.
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    Light Review: Fenix PD 32 V2.0

    The Fenix PD32 V2.0 is quite different from its predecessor, with a new soft-action two-stage tail switch instead of the earlier model's tail and side switch configuration. With this new layout also comes a significant boost in output and a slimmer profile. In this review of the Fenix PD32 V2.0...
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    What makes a light "EDC"?

    Of course, no light is any use if you don't do the 'C' part. Like the best ever survival knife (being the one you have on you). As you say, there are then the ergonomics, and how they suit the individual. One of the easiest types of design to assess are the real 'tactical' lights. These get...
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    What makes a light "EDC"?

    It looks like so far, people are deciding that EDC has to be personal carry, but on that I would widen that scope to include any other mobile aspect. I have levels of EDC ramping up from constant personal carry through work bag carry and ultimately to vehicle carry. The reason for saying that...
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    USB charging ports, and the covers that protect them

    We (flashaholics) are the minority, so the average person needs to have something easy to use. Built-in USB charging is easy and convenient. I always take USB chargeable lights/cells when travelling, camping or going on holiday (that thing we did before COVID), so find them very useful. In...