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  1. Norm

    Inexpensive titanium light

    Posts containing Links have been Removed, Please see the banner at the top of the page - Norm
  2. Norm

    Tailcap that has resistance

    Some Peak lights work this way. Norm
  3. Norm

    Cheap batteries found on ebay

    :welcome: This isn't the correct place for either an auction notice or good deals - Norm
  4. Norm

    Please Help With a Little Info

    There's often a separate socket for higher current. From the first link.
  5. Norm

    Please Help With a Little Info

    Do you have your meter leads in the correct sockets? Norm
  6. Norm

    Please Help With a Little Info

    Whats the formula to calculate a rough estimate of run time? Norm
  7. Norm

    Please Help With a Little Info

    You need to check your connections and meter settings. The linked instructions are correct. You don't need a clamp meter. Norm
  8. Norm

    Please Help With a Little Info

    Simple-guide-to-using-a-DMM-for-measurements Norm
  9. Norm

    Some Titanium Stuff I made

    This isn't a sales thread and shouldn't be treated as such. Rolynd is quite welcome to place a sales thread in WTS: Personal Gadgetry - Other should he wish to sell any of his creations.
  10. Norm

    XTAR VC4 intelligent LCD screen introduction

    Thanks Ven I shouldn't be too concerned I have other chargers including my old Pilla, which still works fine. Norm
  11. Norm

    XTAR VC4 intelligent LCD screen introduction

    I have a VC 2, wish I had have waited four the VC 4 :( Norm
  12. Norm

    2 Lights Required, and a Hello from a new member

    Post edited. We do not discuss flashlights as a clubs, see rule 11. A flashlight is a lightning tool.
  13. Norm

    Vintage Ever Ready Flashlight

    I'd say your 100% correct looking at this image search. Norm
  14. Norm

    How do I slow down a 24 volt 250 watt scooter motor?

    Not sure about your motor but most scooters use a brushless motor that will not run without a controller. Brushless DC electric motor Norm
  15. Norm

    REVIEW: Busch & Muller Ixon IQ Premium - Warning Photo Heavy

    Your question would be better answered here : Forum: Automotive, Motorcycles Included.
  16. Norm

    Painting reflector

    Sputtering 101 Google search of CPF :confused: Norm
  17. Norm

    TnC: Any Good?

    Moved - Norm
  18. Norm

    Klarus XT2C

    Which will of cause will comply withe the rules for a jeer - Norm