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  1. Robin24k

    What LED flashlight is sitting on your nightstand?

    Especially the Dust Destroyer...might not be a bad idea, as my nightstand is covered with dust. :o
  2. Robin24k

    Maglite warranty

    It's true, Maglite recently added a handling fee for warranty work, depending on the size of the light (ie. Solitaire LED is $3, Pro 2D LED is $15). I don't think their warranty service centers will be able to repair LED lights.
  3. Robin24k

    E1e + KX2C = lumens? | Wrist-carrying-option?

    Sounds like you need a SureFire 2211...
  4. Robin24k

    Streamlight PT 2aa upgraded

    I haven't seen the lights, but based on the specs, it looks like an LED upgrade to XP-E or XP-E2.
  5. Robin24k

    SureFire 2013 New Products video - all-new announcements

    There's nothing indicating that the 18650 has to be a bare cell...
  6. Robin24k

    SureFire 2013 New Products video - all-new announcements

    I would take it with a grain of salt, as I don't think OSRAM has any LEDs that can compete with the XM-L...
  7. Robin24k

    Companies that use shatterproof lenses like Surefire?

    Polycarbonate is plastic, I would expect it to be more flexible than's very hard to break polycarbonate.
  8. Robin24k

    Companies that use shatterproof lenses like Surefire?

    As far as I know, Streamlight is the only company that uses scratch-resistant coated polycarbonate. These windows can mainly be found on the Stinger series.
  9. Robin24k

    rechargeable cr123 for surefire fury safe?

    Only SureFire's lithium-phosphate rechargeable 123A's are recommended for the Fury. Anything else, and you're on your own.
  10. Robin24k

    Pelican 7060 Amazed me...

    It's not the same version of the Pelican 7060, the 2007 review would be of the original 7060 with 130 lumens and a 1.5 hour runtime. In 2010, the 7060 was upgraded from the original XR-E EZ1000 to the XR-E EZ900 (identified with 7064 REV. C printed on the outside of the LED module), which draws...
  11. Robin24k

    Are there rechargeable AA lithium batteries but with 1.5v?

    Nope, there's simply no lithium-ion 1.5V AA's because of the chemistry.
  12. Robin24k

    Anyone know how to remove tailswitch on a Streamlight Propolymer 4aa Luxeon?

    Call them on Monday and ask for instructions. I've removed tail switches from Stinger lights (insert needle-nose pliers and turn the tailcap assembly), but I'm not sure how the switch is secured in the ProPolymer series.
  13. Robin24k

    Are we losing the plot?

    On the R1, the tail switch is pretty much fail-proof though (it's not really a switch). There's also the new four-function switch in the UNR, which allows maximum output when the switch is fully pressed and bypasses the control ring. In other words, there are many ways to make mode memory and...
  14. Robin24k

    Are we losing the plot?

    Mode memory is fine for tactical situations as long as there's a way to get to maximum output. For example, the SureFire R1 has mode memory for the head switch, but the tail switch is a tactically correct single mode switch.
  15. Robin24k

    Are we losing the plot?

    Sounds like you want a Streamlight Stinger...
  16. Robin24k

    flashlight tasks and the lights that fill them

    Day EDC: Maglite XL200 (small, and motion control is a good for demonstrating) Night EDC: Streamlight Stinger DS LED or SureFire R1 (I usually carry a mid-sized light in a belt holster at night) Bedside: Maglite ML125 (used with mounting brackets on wall) Home Desk: Streamlight Stinger DS LED HP...
  17. Robin24k

    Just ordered a streamlight 66318 microStream C4 led light.

    We've got a bit more info here: Overall, it's a nice pocket light. Remember that more output means less runtime, and sometimes, it's not really necessary.
  18. Robin24k

    .25 lux at 400 metres = 50 lux at ?? metres

    ANSI FL1 Beam Distance is calculated using the following formula: Beam Distance = √(Peak Beam Intensity/0.25). If beam distance is 400 meters, that means peak beam intensity is 40,000 candela. Using the formula with 50 instead of 0.25, you'll get 28 meters for beam distance to 50 lux.
  19. Robin24k

    M7R Power output/options

    It's 2200mAh. More info here: I think you should be able to use any protected 18650 in the light, but I haven't tried it.
  20. Robin24k

    Dead Man Walking

    Based on the rate at which SureFire releases products, I think you're in luck. ;)