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  1. CelticCross74

    Does anyone like Surefire anymore?

    I used to hate SF due to them being so expensive. Then I took a chance on the DF Fury and am hooked. I now have 5 Surefires. All of them have been reliable as a framing hammer.
  2. CelticCross74

    Review Armytek Predator Pro Magnet USB (Warm)

    Good review. I have so many Armytek lights I do not know where all of them are. I have yet to get one of the new 3.5 Gen AT lights though. The only thing that I do not like about AT's is that they have the user interface of a Rubiks Cube. Aside from that they are arguably some of the best lights...
  3. CelticCross74

    what was the first led flashlight you owned?

    Fenix TK15. I was freaking dazzled by how bright it was.
  4. CelticCross74


    Nitecore has come a long way vs. 10 years ago. NOW Nitecore lights are very good. Cannot really go wrong with anything they currently offer.
  5. CelticCross74

    Surefire EDCL1-T

    I have this light but never use it. I will list it for sale at some point soon.
  6. CelticCross74

    ISO Modern Classics Original Fenix PD35 and More.

    ISO-Original 850 lumen Fenix PD35, Original TK32. ISO Original XML2 Olight SR52 and original XML2 R40 Seeker. These are some of the best lights I have ever had. Collection was stolen a couple years ago. These lights are so good they are all worth buying again.
  7. CelticCross74

    Interesting Maglite ML300L issue

    I have almost the entire MLLX collection. I have the new 4 D as well. OP it sounds like you did indeed get a 4 D with issues. None of my big Mags act like that especially the new ones. Mag should take quick care of you.
  8. CelticCross74

    Best 14500 cells

    As said above Orbtronic has their version of the new high capacity 1100mah 14500 cell. I believe Keeppower is playing the same game with this new high capacity 14500. Just make sure the light you are going to put these cells into will FIT the new cells. On the Orbtronic site they list the exact...
  9. CelticCross74

    High Discharge 16650?

    I know the Orbtronic 16650 is a 5A discharge not an 8A discharge but for the record the cell even at just 5A discharge had 2 of my new Surefire lights driven to nothing but the highest output no matter what. Wound up afraid the cell would blow the emitter I stopped using them. Very curious.
  10. CelticCross74

    usa flashlights? would it really cost a lot more to make a flashlight in the usa?

    Mag and SF do pretty well from what I understand. As far as I know most if not all LED emitters are made in China. Cree for example is based in North Carolina yet their emitters are made in China. If I am wrong somebody feel free to correct me. I am quite pleased that Luminous SST etc. emitters...
  11. CelticCross74

    still dont know what to edc

    I EDC the latest Zebra 600 series lights. They are small enough to very easily carry even in formal work clothes. They are BRIGHT enough to leave someone getting in your face seeing stars for a few seconds. What you do with those few seconds is up to you. The Zebra's also easily cover near any...
  12. CelticCross74

    compact thrower

    A lot of people have very different definitions of a thrower. For instance I just got the new Thrunite Mini Catapult. It is TINY. It also throws like an NFL Quarterback. 88,000+ Candela. Over 500 yards. far from these downed deer are you?
  13. CelticCross74

    Cost no object best rechargeable headlamp for hiking?

    Thrunite TH30. Simple, cheap, well designed and made with very impressive run times outside the 3500+lumen turbo level. Comes with a TN IMR 18650. The headlamp is comfortable. None of the separate heavy and clumsy battery pack stuff. Armytek is +100 points. Like my TH30 AT has some of the best...
  14. CelticCross74

    How do you remove a stock Maglite switch?

    I have the above lower resistance switch in a metallic blue 4 D cell incan with the 3-6 D cell Malkoff XPG2 drop in with a UCL lens of course. Changing the switch was surprisingly easy. The resulting beam profile is wider than my house. All you need is a LONG allen key.
  15. CelticCross74

    Anyone edc a surefire?

    oops, messed my brands up there. But YES when SF says 1500 lumens they mean it. The Intellibeam version is nothing short of amazing. The intellibeam feature works really well.
  16. CelticCross74

    Anyone edc a surefire?

    I always have my Fury DFT in an off brand sheath. It is just a sheath worthy light. When SF says 1800 lumens they mean it.
  17. CelticCross74

    MiniMag AA Pro+ (pro plus) dim with NimH?

    Drop some new Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA cells into it and see if output increases. It should. I have gone through nearly 12 of the mini mags. They are cheap and more or less easy. I really wish they had an on off switch but hey I guess that is why they are so cheap not having them. The...
  18. CelticCross74

    Will I turn into a Maglite fan once again?

    ML125 is the rechargeable big Mag right? Just getting back into lights after a couple of years. Trying to brush up. Yes a UCL lens tops off any Mag properly. That being said I have a couple new hard coated and double sided AR coated acrylic lens from them for my inbound ML50XL...
  19. CelticCross74

    Thrunite Catapult Mini review!

    Found one on evilbay. It is $103 with an AA TH20 headlamp. I will wait a bit and hope I can score one for a bit cheaper. I am fascinated that it uses an Osram LED.
  20. CelticCross74

    Thrunite Catapult Mini review!

    I am not seeing it on the TN site. Looks like a killer little light though. It uses an Osram? They make LED emitters or is this one of the rare cases of an incan that does as good as an LED? Love the beam shots.