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  1. John_Galt

    Anyone here an automotive headlight engineer?

    While I hate to point you somewhere off this forum, there is a poster "Yoshi I" on Tacomaworld . Com who is apparently someone related to Morimoto. He has posted in response to some discussion about fog/driving lights and has provided beam iso-plots showing how aim effects beam pattern appearance.
  2. John_Galt

    Anyone here an automotive headlight engineer?

    Acrylic isn't used for headlamps because it is much more easily damaged than polycarbonate. It's inherent UV resistance is better than polycarbonates, sure, but its refracrive index is likely different as well, which could effect the beam pattern and intensity. Edit- I remember reading...
  3. John_Galt

    Streamlight Sidewinder Military version?

    You're fine. I have one and its very useful. I actually have the compact 2 model, which cna use a AA or CR123. Can also use a AAA if you wrap it in a bit of tape. Ir mode is brighter than the ir led on a pvs14, and of course has selectable levels of output and a strobe. Helmet mount is...
  4. John_Galt

    Knife & Light pics. (Identify your images!)

    Re: Knife & Light pics. <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt=" photo...
  5. John_Galt

    Why so much concern over "waterproof?"

    Not everyones needs or wants or the same. You dont see the point in something, and thats ok, but dont try to create a false argumrnt in order to nullify anothers point. Thats where I draw the line. My best lights are my best lights. I chose them and modified them to fit my needs and uses...
  6. John_Galt

    Why so much concern over "waterproof?"

    I purchase, use, and carry waterproof lights daily because I dont just live in an environment where I know all the variables. I go fishing, camping and hiking. I ride my quad through bogs amd mud puddles. I work outdoors in the weather. I go swimming. I use my tools in environments that are...
  7. John_Galt

    [Pics]Surefire's QC and Quality declined

    So your biggest complaint is that the lettering is a little too bold? Ill take it off your hands then: its not worth much but ill give you $3.50. And shipping I guess, dont wanna cause you trouble. Does tue light turn on? If yes then its functioning correctly. Surefire has never cared much...
  8. John_Galt

    Surefire 2013 Flashlight 'Brochure' is Out

    There's some speculation in the led subforum that surefire is using a new osram led. Only source seems to be a product video from shot show where the rep says new osram led several times. Anyone got any idea what sort of osram led it could be?
  9. John_Galt

    If you had $1,000 to spend...

    HDS Rotary HCRI $200 HDS "Ra" Clicky $150 HDS Twisty $~150 PEAK Eiger and Eiger Ultra $~110 Save the rest for batteries and chargers
  10. John_Galt

    Pilot uses fashlight to signal for help after ditching aircraft at sea

    It looks like an X1 to me. Huh, good that it worked when he needed it.
  11. John_Galt

    "I had a flashlight but it was dead"paraphrased quote George Zimmerman

    If evidence showed that Zimmerman had been the first to use physical aggression. But that is not what the evidence, eye witnesses, nor Zimmermans story add up to.
  12. John_Galt

    "I had a flashlight but it was dead"paraphrased quote George Zimmerman

    A perfect example of the CPO I mention above. I have to love how that's always the first claim in situations like this.
  13. John_Galt

    "I had a flashlight but it was dead"paraphrased quote George Zimmerman

    Not quite. Quite honestly, this is a thread topic that would be best discussed on the Underground, but since it's here: The Stand Your Ground law is, in my opinion, quite a necessary law. When one is attacked, one should not be expected to be required to tuck tail and run, especially when one...
  14. John_Galt

    Best brands for Quality Flashlights? heard of Surefire but wondering

    A thread like this pops up every few days/weeks without fail... General consensus is always, invariably: HDS, Surefire, PEAK, McGizmo, Malkoff/Elzetta Cream of the crop, with HDS Systems edging out ahead of the rest, because of their following and extremely good reputation. For the above...
  15. John_Galt

    Are we losing the plot?

    Well, I'm pretty sure you could take some time to program the ArmyTek to function just as you want, just like the others who purchase it. That's why people purchase programmable lights: so that the light can be tailored to fit their needs, even as their needs change. I'm not saying your...
  16. John_Galt

    How many lumens is your edc?

    Ra Clicky 140n modified with an R2 XP-E... ~150-175?
  17. John_Galt

    clean your titanium threads

    Who was it here that formulated an effective lubricating material for Ti lights? Called it "TiTiTwister" or some such. I recal he said it incorporated a rolling compound to reduce galling. Reduce, but unfortunately not eliminate. To OP, as others have said, galling is a fact of life with...
  18. John_Galt

    the cops here need better flashlights lol

    Same here. I asked one in my local department once what type of firearm he was carrying [it was a Glock 17, as could be plainly seen, he was left handed]. He said, "I don't know. Some sort of Kimber I think? I don't really care though." Not that they do anything around here. They don't...
  19. John_Galt

    What was the ONE light that got you hooked...

    Years ago: the River Rock "1/2 watt" LED. I was in Target and saw their flashlight/battery rack. I thought about getting a mini-mag in red, but poked around a little more, and they had the River Rock 2AAA LED light for $7.99 [a lot of money for me to ask a parent for, I thought]. I knew about...