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    500 Lumen - AAA Flashlight (photos) - Work In Progress - Part 2

    Good news :thumbsup: I've been quietly lurking and waiting, and I look forward to a future production version. What's that proverb ? "Good things come to those who wait" :)
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    Which Proton Micro-Light

    I'm another Freedom fan. Great user interface, and I love the (lack of) size and weight. I prefer the covert nose version as the side glare annoys me. You can even program them to auto-off so they don't flatten the battery if switched on accidentally.
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    Zebralight H602

    My H600 has a reflector, and while the beam is a bit floody, it definitely has a strong hotspot in the centre with reasonable distance. Nothing like the even, broad flood of my H502 which doesn't throw very far at all.
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    Need recommendation for keychain light for my EDC

    Check out a Photon Freedom Micro (I suggest one with a covert nose to avoid annoying glare) - small (smaller than anything running AA, AAA or even AAAA), light and available in black :thumbsup:
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    Recommend SAFE charger for 14500 batteries

    I've been very happy with my chargers from Cottonpickers:
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    Want Zebra to create an in-between SC-model?

    If you can live with the right angle head then the H600 is very close in size to the SC60 (I just compared mine).
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    Mini keychain light with button or switch...

    Have you looked at a Photon Freedom Micro ? Definitely has a switch, has variable output levels and is small and very, very light. Not immersion waterproof, and (the white LED Version) only runs on 2 x CR2016 batteries so not great run times, but more light for longer = more battery = more size...
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    What lights offer a low lumen low, few modes and long runtimes.

    Be aware that lower lumens doesn't always correspond to longer run times. IIRC some lights can use more power monitoring for control changes than they do for actual light output. So look for real world independent testing of light output and actual run times before choosing if long run times...
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    Indications of headlamp

    If you are looking for brownish frogs on a brownish forest floor then a high CRI (colour rendition index) light will be better than a low CRI one. A neutral white is not always higher CRI. For close-up work (less than 3 metres from light to subject) a pure flood Zebralight headlamp (eg H502c...
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    Light for young child

    How about a PAlight (Safe-light) with a white diffuser film over the lens ? The 9v battery is safely enclosed in a rubber casing which a 2 year old will not be able to open. IIRC There is even a version with an auto-off function after 25 minutes (the Star model). It has an always on glow-mode...
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    New limited edition white photon freedom fails me...

    I've had good results with Photon's warranty too :)
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    Am i alone on this, or does anyone else go by military time?

    I used 24 hr format when I worked shift work, but that was decades ago and now I think in (and prefer) 12 hr format. The clock on my VW van is 24hr format and annoys me (but not enough to get the device and software needed to change it to 12 hr format). I think a huge majority of people in Oz...
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    Anyone else want a Moonshine Photon Freedom?

    The idea is good and I love button cell lights, and especially the Photon Freedom Micro. One of them made of a decent GITD would definitely have me spending some money :)
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    Having it the lights, batteries, or charger?

    StarHalo has given you a good summary, for more detailed info have a look in this sub-forum:
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    headlamp for reading

    I have many ZebraLights and like them all, but especially the headlamps. One of the H502 variants seems very well suited to your current situation, and you don't need red LEDs, just low light levels. If faithful colour rendition is important to you get a H502d, but if maximum illumination is a...
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    Suggestions for dog collar safety light

    I put a flashing LED (circuitry built into a standard sized 5mm LED) into a cheapo fauxton and hang it off the dog's collar (pointing downwards like the Fenox E05 above, but much smaller and lighter).
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    Daylight visible LED vest?

    Welcome to CPF. While possible, I think you would need to be very careful with colour selection - there are strict rules in most countries about what colour lights can be for a good reason. If you start off thinking about white at the front, amber on the side and red at the back you will be...
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    MIT develops 200% efficient LED

    Think of it working like a house heat pump heater. You use 1Kw of electrical power to run an electric motor which runs a heat pump to extract 2Kw of heat from the outside air. So there isn't any magic going on (but if they can get it to work efficiently as a practical portable light source it...
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    Lost My Dexlight X-1! Need reccomendations for a single AA replacement

    500 lumens will drain a single AA battery (probably have to be 14500) quickly, and the heat will also be too much in a short time. I like my Zebralight SC52, if running on a 14500 battery it will put out 500 lumens for 1 minute, then steps down to 280 lumens to avoid heat damage. I mostly use...
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    Ranch security

    My understanding is that there are very, very few (possibly none ? ) of the chargers/lights combos that can do this. Setups that charge batteries without removing them from the light and are left permanently connected to mains power usually don't have a charging algorithm that can look after...