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  1. LitFuse

    Master thread for disasters and generators.

    Re: Honda Super Quiet EU2000i Generator One of the extended run setups with a 6 gallon marine tank are a real nice accessory when running the generator nonstop like that. Depending on the load, you can go 2-7 days before needing to add more gas. No need to shut down either, just add fuel to...
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    LED road flare

    PM sent.
  3. LitFuse

    Recommendation to replace Vector spotlight

    Probably just a bad SLA (sealed lead acid) battery. Would cost about $25 to get a new battery.
  4. LitFuse

    So I lost my Jetbeam RRT-01

    +1 to this. Those 2 points ruined the the EYE10 for me. I knew about both of them going in, but they were a bigger issue than I thought they would be. In particular the smooth parts on the control ring. Great output though.
  5. LitFuse

    Do I need to "break-in" brand new AA Eneloop 2000 mAh before use on MH-C9000 charger?

    Re: Do I need to "break-in" brand new AA Eneloop 2000 mAh before use on MH-C9000 char Very commonly asked question, a quick search yields lots of info.
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    Surf Fishing

    Hi Briggz, I have a couple of lightly used headlights that might interest you. Great throwers with a tight beam. Lifetime warranty too. $15 shipped if it looks like something that will work for you...
  7. LitFuse

    Are Arc LS parts worth anything?

    Hey Mo, Last year I gathered up all my Arc stuff and sold it off in one large lot. I probably could have got more for it by selling it in pieces and parts, but I was happy with what I got, and so was the buyer...
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    TM11 help!

    Great light BTW, you're going to love it.
  9. LitFuse

    TM11 help!

    A little searching will give you all the info you are looking for. Here's 5 minutes worth:
  10. LitFuse

    Powerpax slimline for 18650 batteries (spare battery holder)

    I sent them an email this morning, and received the following reply from the Director of Operations this afternoon: Please Do Not repost private communications Rule 12 - Norm
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    Meat Glue!

    +1! This thread has been an education for me. Many thanks to all that contributed, and to EZO in particular!
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    Greatly improve your TM11's negative contact

    It's hard to tell for sure from your picture, but those appear to be some small gauge springs. I think you could run into a problem where they might get "cooked" when the TM11 is run on high or turbo. High amperage and narrow gauge wire is a recipe for resistance and rapid heating.
  13. LitFuse

    4 Ultrafire "3000" s for $9.99

    So far, the answer looks like no.
  14. LitFuse

    Review: Lighthound AA Tactical XPG R3

    Nice write-up, thanks. I wish I had a friend like Richard. I am amazed at what you can get for $20 these days.
  15. LitFuse

    Budget Camping headlamp

    If you're interested I have 3 or 4 of these That I would sell for $15 each plus whatever shipping costs. They're several years old, but were only lightly used by my kids. They are a pretty tight spot with excellent throw, but not much spill. A little DC fix could straighten that out though, if...
  16. LitFuse

    I need some good AA type lights for camping.

    Glad to see you've narrowed it down to Zebralights, I think you've made a good decision. The H501w is a great headlamp for reading or other tasks *right* in front of you. There is no throw though, so it's a trade-off. The "floody" "f" ZL's are a good compromise between throw and a nice, even...
  17. LitFuse

    Best place to buy trustfire flame 2400mah or 3000mah 18650s?

    Well stated. No one is looking out for your personal safety except you. There are places where saving money makes good sense, and others where it does not.
  18. LitFuse

    I need some good AA type lights for camping.

    Absolutely worth it, particularly for your intended use. The difference is very dramatic, things just "look right" with the warmer tints. It can be hard to explain, but you will notice and appreciate the difference right away when you see it for yourself.
  19. LitFuse

    I need some good AA type lights for camping.

    I should have said that the Xeno E03 is hard (impossible) to beat, for the money. For $27-35 there is nothing that I know of that comes close. Xeno E03 review