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  1. TooManyGizmos

    Problem with Lumapower MRV SK Hunters turning on and off immediately

    ~ Put the battery from the 6 year old light into one of the newer lights and see if it still turns off in one second. Maybe the batt's are not as charged as you think. They may be ready to be re-cycled. Test them on a digital volt meter and report your findings. ~
  2. TooManyGizmos

    what is the differnce between a button top and a non button top. (don't say a button!

    ~ If your light has a raised outer ring around the positive connection , that is done for polarity reversal protection . Only raised-button batteries will work in those lights. ~
  3. TooManyGizmos

    2 new small lights from Sunwayman

    Where 2 bye with shipment from within USA borders ?
  4. TooManyGizmos

    Thrunite Ti2 fix

    ~ I also think you should return it to ThruNite ........... or the retailer where you bought it ...... I doubt you can fix it . Where is best place to get a Ti2 these days ? I've been outta the loop and not shoppin for over a year now. Did they discontinue the Ti version ? I'm tryin to...
  5. TooManyGizmos

    Eagletac D25A Neutral w/Cree XM-L U2? (wrong LED?) ALSO: "blank" modes on low battery

    Re: Eagletac D25A Clicky in Neutral with Cree XM-L U2? (wrong LED?) ~ Yup ...... certainly looks neutral to me ( in your photo ) I hope you like it . If it had been Cool , and you were unhappy , I would have offered to buy it off-ya . Enjoy ! ~
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    Looking for a 1x123 or 2x123 light that can drain CR123

    ~ You should Not use 2X123 setup to intentionally fully drain any cell . You would get into a "Reverse charge situation" on the Dead cell . Reverse charging causes "Venting with Flames" and EXPlosions . Always use SINGLE CELL lights to FULLY drain a cell . Please study this "Smoke and...
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    So Many..Too many choices

    ~ Yup ... too many choices ... will make you end up like me ...... with TOOMANYGIZMOS ! ~
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    XENO E11 aka Cube

    ~ Yes ... most of us have known all along ... how needlesly heavy the CUBE is . IMO .... that is why they don't sell very well. It becomes a shelf Queen . Like you said in your last line .... "Delightful but nearly useless as an EDC..." If only they would listen ..... and make them from...
  9. TooManyGizmos

    Incendio V3+ STUCK IN MOMENTARY - Any suggestions?

    ~ Sorry about that . ~
  10. TooManyGizmos

    Incendio V3+ STUCK IN MOMENTARY - Any suggestions?

    ~ Why can't you contact Todd at IlluminationGear and ask his advice or remedy ? ~
  11. TooManyGizmos

    ThruNite T10 *AA* (Twistie)w/FireFly .09lum>Low 9lum>Hi 115lum//and Memory

    ~ On the T10 model .... The elongated slot on the base for key-ring attachment .... Is wide enough and large enough to fit flattened out paracord , once you remove the nylon center core of the paracord . So paracord can be used without a split-ring. (But some type of break-away point is...
  12. TooManyGizmos

    Quark mini AA & CR123 users thread (Part 2)

    ~ I do hope you insullated at least one end of it ....... ~
  13. TooManyGizmos

    Firefly mode useful? YES

    ~ I think the T10 - on FireFly - used ALL night - would last atleast a week , for sure ... Swap batteries ... Then recharge the drained one on the weekend , each week . ~
  14. TooManyGizmos

    Firefly mode useful? YES

    ~ Racer ... do you use yours on a neck lanyard ? Other lights produce low levels too ..... but the grestest thing about these is they are light weight and Tiny . ~
  15. TooManyGizmos

    Firefly mode useful? YES

    ~ Naaaawww .... I prefer LUMENS .... coming out of MY lights . They are brighter than Luxes . ~
  16. TooManyGizmos

    Firefly mode useful? YES

    ~ Well .... the T10 Mid-mode is 9 Lumens ... close enough to your 3-5 lum's . You should like it just fine ... outside .......... No ? ~
  17. TooManyGizmos

    Firefly mode useful? YES

    ~ The ThruNite T10 has the same *Firefly* level ...... But it is ... *AA* powered for much longer run time ..... And the best part is , it has a wider reflector ...... which gives a hot-spot that is two-times the width of the *Ti* Firefly . There are several Reviews on the *Ti* and the...
  18. TooManyGizmos

    Arc-AAA Dead After 8 Years. The Best Place To Find A Replacement?

    ~ B-4 you TOSS it ....... Clean it ....... and be sure to use the same brand of battery it had when it died. (When it died ... did you put in a different brand of battery ?) I found out ... They can be a little sensitive to the differences of deminsions in cells. Just try it ...... before...
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    Are Twisties All Backwards? **Update** [YES]

    ~ Shane ... if you have gravity in your hemisphere ...... You'll be O.K. ( The Daytona 500 is about to start ... on FOX ) ~
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    Are Twisties All Backwards? **Update** [YES]

    ~ And kaichu , I also respectfully request that YOU don't reply to ME , in the future. Anything that I say in the future , please don't think it is directed at you . ~ Back on the rails now . ~