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    Battery Eliminator For Atomic Clock

    Re: World Time App Not an Android guy, but this list looks pretty helpful; the one lets you set alarms by different clocks, so if you have a broadcast coming up in India, you can just set it to that clock/their local time, no time zone or DST conversion math needed, very clever.
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    Battery Eliminator For Atomic Clock

    $65? Not knocking the utility of good timekeeping hardware for radio use, but at that price you could buy a tablet running a world time app and have a much larger, much more informative clock display. I used my phone's clock when I was listening to scheduled broadcasts on HAARP and found it was...
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    AW cells?

    It seems like there's never any one most-trusted name in Li-ion cells for long, you just get whatever's reputable at the time. I will one day have to change my sigline, been many years since I used an AW cell..
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    Amazon Basics - Ordered vs Delivered

    The Li-ions were probably mislabeled from the manufacturer; just let Amazon know they sent the wrong thing and they’ll fix it.
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    Recommend a universal cell phone battery charger?

    Anything Anker or RAVPower is gold; make sure it has the type (MicroUSB/Lightning/USB-C/etc) of ports and capacity/mAh you need for your application, and note also what the output current/amperage is, as some cheaper/smaller chargers will only charge ~half speed/1 amp versus your wall charger...
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    Recommened LiION AA ?

    Rechargeable AA batteries for consumer devices are Nickel Metal Hydride/NiMH chemistry; they have a bit less voltage than a common alkaline battery but work in almost anything that accepts an AA cell, often lasting longer than the alkaline because they handle higher drain better. These are...
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    What multimeter?

    You'll see the amps drop slowly over time as the battery reaches capacity, everything looks normal there. You're at a 1.5A charge, so that's pretty mild/about right if you're wanting long life from your battery.
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    What multimeter?

    It's not something you want to do every time. Which would be another use for your meter, checking that you're not charging fast when you don't want it (which is determined by which charger you use - anytime you plug a low-battery iDevice into a 12W charger, it will charge at 2.4A.)
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    What multimeter?

    That's another good use of an inline meter, verifying you're getting max charging speed; essentially all modern devices will do a fast 2.4A charge, current iDevices can do a faster-yet 18 watt charge if you have a powerful enough charger and USB-C cable.
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    What multimeter?

    You want to be looking at amps, as volts will only move roughly a tenth of a volt throughout the charge.
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    What multimeter?

    If one cable gets a higher number range than another, then the lower number cable has resistance/is flawed and should be replaced; this only counts comparing them back to back in ~the same minute, because a device charges more slowly as it nears capacity. Aside from that, it's handy to see if...
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    What multimeter?

    Oh, a USB current meter, I have a wall wart that has that feature; be aware that most devices fluctuate in current wildly while charging, so you'll be looking at a range and not a specific static number.
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    What multimeter?

    The Harbor Freight $6.39 special, been using mine roughly a decade.
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    Amazon Pre-charged high capacity AAA NIMH

    With the caveat that I'm the local Amazon employee; I'm unable to empirically discern these from Eneloops in any category, and all the threads I've read here [that also reference other threads elsewhere] say the same thing. If you don't feel like waiting for the Sanyos to show up at Costco...
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    What battery is this?

    If it's quarter diameter, it's a 26650. Don't assume the battery is dead just because the light won't come on..
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    What are dangerous humidity levels for flashlights?

    That's no challenge for our flashlights; one fun thing you can do with the kids is go to a pool at night, throw your running flashlight into to the deep end, see who can get it first. Another guy on here put his flashlight [sans battery] into some bread dough, put the dough in a bread pan, and...
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    What are dangerous humidity levels for flashlights?

    You realize there were guys who froze their still-running flashlights in blocks of ice on this site right?
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    What are dangerous humidity levels for flashlights?

    A properly maintained flashaholic light will survive any level of humidity over any amount of time; you should be able to drop the flashlight in a snowbank in the winter and then come back and get it in the spring, and it will still function normally. Make sure the o-rings on your light are...
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    Cheapest place to get legit Enloops?

    It’s mandatory to order something from them just to get the catalog.