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  1. 1enry1

    Charger EverActive NC-3000 .... is ok ?

    the ni-mh charger EverActive NC-3000 is the best buy or ? work ok and not damage the battery ? thanks
  2. 1enry1

    Nickel-Zinc rechargeable battery info ??

    hi to all... sorry that there is a post open for this .... Does anyone have experience on "rechargeable" batteries with Nickel-Zinc Technology at 1.6 volts? I have several brands but I know they have all the same problem! I use 4 series, and always downloads one while the other 3 are still...
  3. 1enry1

    zinc/ chloride batteries question

    interesting ... how type of battery are this ? format AA or ? voltage ? have a link to see ? thanks
  4. 1enry1

    Olight S30R (XM-L2, 1x18650/2xCR123A) Rechargeable Dock Review: BEAMSHOTS, RUNTIMES+

    hi, is best this torch agaist the man thief ? thanks
  5. 1enry1 flashlight agaist Thief man for personal security how ?

    i understand why my post NOT appares here.... over moderation or ? a big question for your expert , a very good flahlight against thief man ? are best : - Fenix TK16 . Olilight S30R or Warrior W22 - Nitecore P10 or P20 what is the best and agaist THIEF is more best the directly light...