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  1. bridgman

    EBL batteries any good?

    I only have experience with EBL NiMH cells - between C and D (mostly D) I guess I have a dozen or so of them. Bought most of them 7 or 8 years ago and still seem to be working well. I use them with an old AccuPower 4-station (plus 9v) charger. I would post a picture of them but they are all in...
  2. bridgman

    D-cell Alkalines... no longer worth it? Obsolete vs. other batteries?

    I picked up a bunch of EBL NiMH D cells several years ago (along with a few C's) and am still using them happily. I think one has died in that time but the rest are going strong. Still have a stock of alkaline D's that I'm keeping around... guess I'm hedging my bets in case there is a massive...
  3. bridgman

    More Alkaline Woes

    Ouch - getting equipment damaged by alkaline leaks is bad enough the other 364 days of the year but it really sucks at Christmas. I guess we can call it a learning experience for the grandkids ("this is an alkaline battery - don't touch it, it's pure evil") but I didn't start to appreciate...
  4. bridgman

    Members' experience by brand with leaking alkaline cells.

    That's an interesting point - I used to monitor equipment with alkaline batteries by turning it on with high load - if it didn't work then the batteries came out instantly. That hasn't always worked with Duracells, although I can't comment re: whether it is a problem with current batteries from...
  5. bridgman

    Alkaline battery vented in MDC-AA

    Sorry to hear about the damage. Maybe a wire brush chucked in a drill or a Dremel ? That's what drives me crazy about alkaline leaks... how quickly they can happen and what a mess they can make. All of the manufacturer blurb implies that it takes weeks or months after a leak to do metal damage...
  6. bridgman

    No leak primaries?

    Good point - my Streamlight Survivor has a nice battery holder that takes 4AA cells. I imagine its primary purpose is to allow easy interchange with a rechargeable battery pack but it still makes me feel a bit safer about putting alkalines in it. It's actually one of the very few lights that I...
  7. bridgman

    No leak primaries?

    Interesting.... Wikipedia has pages for quite a few different battery chemistries, but only one of those pages has a section entitled "Leaks". Bet you can't guess which one...
  8. bridgman

    No leak primaries?

    The usual price around here has been closer to ~5.00 CDN/3.87 US in 4 packs, 4.00 CDN / 3.10 US in 8 packs. I found one store (Home Depot of all places) selling the 8 pack for quite a bit less (2.20 CDN / 1.70 US) so I might go check expiry dates and pick some up.
  9. bridgman

    Charger that stops at voltage?

    The Nitecore I2 and I4 (new models where "new" is a few years ago now) let you choose between (IIRC) 3.7, 4.2 and 4.35 for li-ion cells. Don't think you can select voltage for NiMH. Default is 4.2 so if you are charging LiFePo cells it's really important to remember to change the voltage. If I...
  10. bridgman

    NiMH D cells

    I have been using EBL C and D cells for quite a few years now with good success... don't think I have had any crap out on me yet. I am not using them for very high current loads yet (a couple of amps at most) but that should change when my 6D Mag host arrives. Before that I was using Powerizer...
  11. bridgman

    Best price/performance 18650 and best place to buy (USA for starters)?

    It makes a big difference where you live - I'll assume you are in the USA for now. I have been buying Keeppower batteries from illumn and looking for cell + IC made in Japan. I feel a bit bad about that because there are some good cells starting to come out of China, but not bad enough to...
  12. bridgman

    Yet Another Alkaline Cell Horror Story

    I remember reading somewhere that there were "regular" and "high capacity" Eneloops and that the high capacity ones were a bit wider. I guess that means Eneloop and Eneloop Pro ?
  13. bridgman

    Leaking nimh batteries?

    If I were king there would be a law requiring threads like this to be kept active until we knew how the original problem worked out. I would love to have seen the CPF marketplace ad - bonus points if it mentioned "ectoplasm" :)
  14. bridgman

    Where did all the rechargeable 26500's go ?

    Thanks - I have seen them but at $48 for two plus $29 for shipping (CDN - roughly 37 & 22 USD respectively) plus not a lot of information about them except "they work great in my gimbal" (some kind of camera stabilizer ??) I had not taken the plunge yet. Do you happen to know if they are...
  15. bridgman

    Where did all the rechargeable 26500's go ?

    Particularly the protected ones ? Seems like a decade or more ago AW's IMR 26500's were very popular, but today it seems that there are almost no rechargeable 26500's to be had and zero protected ones. Lots of 26650's and even a few 26340's, but no 26500's. Efest seemed popular for a while but...
  16. bridgman

    Rechargeable suggestions for Surefire 6P/Malkoff..

    I'm using a single AW 17670 rechargeable cell (essentially 2x the length of a 123) in a Z2 with Malkoff drop-in and that seems to work very well. Minimum rated voltage on the Malkoff is 3.8v IIRC and a rechargeable cell should stay at or above that for most of the discharge cycle as long as the...
  17. bridgman

    2 x D maglite + malkoff = :(

    I guess an 18650 and a spacer might be a good option as well, although with maybe half the capacity of 3x C cells. A 6-AA series-parallel holder would also be OK, but not sure if anyone makes such a thing. Most of the 6AA holders are wired for series (7.2V) not series-parallel (3.6V).
  18. bridgman

    Website with free shipping to Canada?

    I ended up buying from Thomas (in the US) as the best choice I could find. Pretty sure shipping was not free though...
  19. bridgman

    rcr123 queries

    ... with the caveat that it will *not* support the LeFePO4 R123's which AW sells on a separate page