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    I bought a light with extras for a friend recently. One item was missing from the shipment. Multiple emails not answered, chat function on their website responded, but no action on their part for weeks.
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    More Happiness… Malkoff MDC + KeepPower 3.0V RCR123

    Both Martin White and FiveMega are making MD 1 and MD 1.5 sized bodies; maybe this is what is being referred to?
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    WTS: Malkoff/FM 1.5

    I have the same setup with an MD 1.5 made by Martin White.. and a ZR tail cap and hi/Lo switch. It’s a great small 18650 setup
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    Copper Arcadian with Red Dragon Driver

    Beautiful light bump. I have a similar one and love it.
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    EagleTac D25c clip screw

    Thanks mate
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    EagleTac D25c clip screw

    Hello, I have a lovely D25C XP-G2 neutral that I use often. Tonight I noticed the clip screws were loose, but somewhere along the way I lost one of them. Anyone know what the size/type of screws are used in these? Thanks
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    Malkoff junkies! Assemble! Again... N219B M361 3000K/3500K

    Huskies are great as is Wash state (ex sw wash resident). May I get in for the 3500k buy please?
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    HDS Systems #23

    Best use of ashes I’ve heard of!
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    LED change on Lumitop Elfin

    You could email Vinh at and ask him directly
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    What's The Best & Brightest Headlamp Under $20 USD ?

    I’m not sure I’d want to wear a cheap li-ion torch right above my face...
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    The Malkoff Front Porch

    I believe a c cell is something like 26mm diameter, making it wider than the 18mm cells that an MD2 takes.
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    Help Replace My Peak Eiger

    I contacted Peak recently and asked if I could buy an El Capitan without the QTC and they responded very quickly that yes, they could do that.
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    Show your AAA lights

    Jimlslander, I’ve got an identical deck prism in my office!
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    M61NL emitters

    I may be mistaken, but I think the previous M61NL would be an XP-G2, lower CRI than the new one, unless you got it from Ilumn, then it’s the Nichia 219b. Can’t remember the output or drain, sorry I was looking at the new M61NL and compared to the Ilumn M61L 219v2, and they both have high CRI...
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    List Your Favorite Light You Have Had For More Than 2 Years Than You Use Nightly

    My version of the Boss: Torchlab V5 triple in 219b, Cryos Cooling bezel, Five Mega 18500 body, OR Zero Rez tail, runs 18650’s.
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    Thoughts on best clip option for Rotary

    Agree, I have 2 rotaries both with this club. Add a paracord lanyard cinched around the base of the clip and it’s very sturdy
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    Malkoff wish list.

    Cheaper international shipping...$55 for a $49.99 drop in
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    LUMINTOP FW3A 14500 Flashlight Group Buy

    Re: LUMINTOP FW3A 14500 Flashlight Group Buy - ALIVE I just bought one, after repeatedly telling myself I wouldn’t... Cheers to Neil’s Gadgets for the very affordable international shipping. I’ll be back...
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    Fraz Labs Mechanical Flashlights (formerly QTC Non-Battery Crush)

    Agree with Gunga, I like seeing the slimmer lights