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  1. yearnslow

    Incoming - What do you have coming in the mail??

    Weltool M6-RD. Just curious about it.
  2. yearnslow

    Maglite and Lithium batteries?

    OK, thanks guys!
  3. yearnslow

    Maglite and Lithium batteries?

    Some advice needed! I have a Maglight ML300LX two D cell. I would like to use Lithium batteries in it, because it's left standing for quite some time. The only equivalent D cells I can find here (in South Africa) are 3.6v Question: if I put two of these in the Maglite will it burn up the LED...
  4. yearnslow

    you are only allowed one flash light for rest of your life.What is it ?

    HDS rotary 250 ideally, but practically, battery wise, my Maglight ML50L.
  5. yearnslow

    Incoming - What do you have coming in the mail??

    A Malkof M61L for my C2. :D
  6. yearnslow

    You Just Know Your A Flashaholic When......

    When you have a HDS next to the bed, so you can find your way to the bathroom, even though you could do it blindfolded on one leg......
  7. yearnslow

    Best EDC torch/flashlight

    HDS flashlights, specifically the rotary models, can't be beaten as an EDC in my opinion.
  8. yearnslow

    What did you use your flashlight for today?

    I used a Fenix TK60 to look for a snake that was seen near the house about half an hour ago. :)
  9. yearnslow

    Your first light and where it all began...

    I think my first introduction to a real flashlight was many years ago, probably around the 60's? ( I would probably be around 8yrs old?) A bit like this old Ever Ready. My uncle had a garage/workshop where he and his partner would repair cars, they had a 'pit' and the torch was used for...
  10. yearnslow

    Most used lights

    Most used, LX2 and a Gerber recon. :)
  11. yearnslow

    What did you use your flashlight for today?

    I found a tick on my scrotum a week back. Appalling things they are. ....... ticks I mean.
  12. yearnslow

    Losing it?

  13. yearnslow

    Losing it?

    We do tend to have a reputation I'm afraid......
  14. yearnslow

    Losing it?

    I think Mr Mcnair is, as we say, 'pulling your leg'.
  15. yearnslow

    Losing it?

    A HDS rotary 200, a Surefire LX2 and a Gerber recon. I like to think that selection will cover most eventualities. :thumbsup:
  16. yearnslow

    Losing it?

    I'm currently EDC-ing Three lights, my wife is concerned, personally it never entered my head that this behaviour was in anyway 'odd'. What do you guys think? Cause for concern? or entirely normal?
  17. yearnslow

    The most reliable torches

    Up to now, Surefire, no contest. However I have just bought a HDS and am expecting good results in terms of reliability and longevity. I must also say, I have a Gerber recon which has continued to function reliably since 2006, despite a leaking AA cell and various mishaps!
  18. yearnslow

    What did you use your flashlight for today?

    Used my recently bought rotary 200 to investigate some 'movement' outside the house. Turned out to be a bush pig.
  19. yearnslow

    HA III Natural Lights

    All my lights are HAIII too. I would get one of Henry's new rotary 250's if I were you. :)