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  1. John_Galt

    Surefire M340C - Has anyone heard of any fakes?

    That's very surprising to me. But I guess if it works...
  2. John_Galt

    Surefire M340C - Has anyone heard of any fakes?

    I havent bought a surefire in years, but the phillips head screw in the positive contact spring screams "cheap rip off hack" to me yeesh
  3. John_Galt

    The Official Zebralight Thread .

    Thank you!
  4. John_Galt

    The Official Zebralight Thread .

    Perhaps this has been answered before, but has anyone use 2x CR123 in any of the H600 models? The specs list the operating voltage as 2.7-6.0V, but do not say anything in reference to using CR123s, only 18650 cells. I have a ton of cr123 primaries, and don't find myself using my single cell...
  5. John_Galt

    4sevens Q MiNi 123

    Well dang. But thank you for the answer.
  6. John_Galt

    4sevens Q MiNi 123

    Sorry to hijack the thread here but... Does anyone know if the current 4-7's 16650 body is compatible with the mini turbo mkIII head? Looking for tailswitch and longer runtime than a 16340 can offer.
  7. John_Galt

    tk16 acebeam 1800 lumen

    Re: is acebeam lieing? I actually just picked up the osram veraion of the TK16. I liked the light, for both itssupposed throw, and also its ability to run on bith primary CR123 batteries, and 16340's. The UI is simple to remember. I managed to lock it out without knowing it about 5 minutes...
  8. John_Galt

    HDS Mods, what did you do to yours?

    Was it an old edc-tactical with a dedomed XP-G led in it? I sent my circa 2010 (2011?) model back a few months ago. It had started as a custom 140N, went to Milksypit when he was still on the board, who drilled the heatsink for a 10mmdia 2mm thick board to swap in a neutral white xpe r2 he had...
  9. John_Galt

    Old style HDS EDC issues

    Sounds like yhe switch has given up the ghost. I had mine for about 4 years when my first switch on my Ra 140n started missing clicks. Contact Henry and see if he has any laying around to seap around with you.
  10. John_Galt

    SureFire EB1 Backup 200 Lumen Flashlight

    Its probably been covered but. Do the eb1 heads work with vitalgear bodies? If not eb1 howbout the new gen e1l?
  11. John_Galt

    Opague Surefire TIR lens

    Is it really opaque? Surefire places a very slight diffuser film behind the lens/atop the optic in order to help smooth out the hotspot and rings a little bit. Maybe this one has two or three that stuck together?
  12. John_Galt

    SureFire EB1 Backup 200 Lumen Flashlight

    Has anyone cracked th e head on these to see how the led is mounted, and also the optic? I assume its the same screw mounted pcb and retaining ring combo as surefires other lights but id like to know. Also, if someone swaps in an xpg2 please post some lux measurements.
  13. John_Galt

    ARCMania Extreme Micro III worth it for a non-collector?

    Monocrom, Yes he's a scum bag for what he did, but did he do it for all of his lights? Or was it only the x6 he got greedy on? I have not seen mega micro's for sale anywhere but a few flashlight forums. I don't see p7/osram gd micros for sale in ebay or dx/kai for cheap? I like my Mega...
  14. John_Galt

    Saw my first XML at wal-mart today..

    I saw an XP-G2 in a brinkman spot light. Definitely a g2, no current spreaders and silvery pcb. Advertised as a 320 lumen spot. Don't have any pictures or a link though.
  15. John_Galt

    Surefire KX1B head E1L runtime?

    But 2xAA will have much higher capacity, so runtime will be shorter
  16. John_Galt

    SureFire EB1 Backup 200 Lumen Flashlight

    So we see from the head shots that this light is kost definitely using the xpe as opposed to the newer more efficient xpe2. Several modders have made posts showing that swapping from the xpG to the xpg2 yieleds about a 30% average increase in lux. I wonder what lux numbers would look like with...
  17. John_Galt

    Can you help me understand the HDS EDC Clicky User Interface?

    Novatacs 120pmodel used to offer this momentary only output as an option. You had to do a factory reset in rser to disabek it to reprogram the light. I would say your best bet is to reprogram the light so that both modes "B" and "C" (2clicks to access either one from the other) aree the same...
  18. John_Galt

    SureFire EB1 Backup 200 Lumen Flashlight

    I for one am excited about he new head/optic design. I see this as an excellent cadidate for modder fodder. Scott (milkyspit) has been doing excellent mods in surefires using the xp series leds for a long time now. I love my expurgator, in fact. But he has been using carclo optics and...
  19. John_Galt

    Surefire E1B vs the new EB1

    The eb1 is using a cree xp-e. Not an xp-g or xm-l. With a larger optic (more collimation possible) and the same size die the throw will be greater. As others have said about twice the lux of the e1b. However as shown in the eb1 thread, due to its use of an ooder and less efficient emitter...
  20. John_Galt

    Fix or replace burnt out lamp on old school Surefire L4?

    If that is an old old l4 it probably has a luxV led. It is a four die led like an mce or p7. You could send it to a modder o have the led replaced which will give you a big boost in output or send it back to surefire.