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    Discontinued flashlight that you love

    I'll second Quark Lego :cool:
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    Travel and camping lights of choice

    Yup - not for folks insecure with their masculinity :thumbsup:.
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    Travel and camping lights of choice

    hehe... one tip for prepared tourists in big cities, esp. NYC, is to use a small bag ~ 800ci/13L max if you can. Non-tactical in appearance and preferably not a backpack. Lots of public places (esp. museums) seem paranoid about terrorists and sometimes backpackers that turn around and whack...
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    Travel and camping lights of choice

    Hehe, he 'sees the light'..... again. Side benefit - no additional batteries required.
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    Travel and camping lights of choice

    I'm a minimalist UL camper and traveler and pursue preparedness via extreme versatility and multitasking. Headbands are too bulky/single purpose for me so I just clip/roll a light into my shirt collar (or use a cord) as a 'neck lamp' and business card from my wallet as a photo bounce card...
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    The Ideal EDC Flashlight: A Comprehensive Essay and In-Depth Comparison

    I'm not necessarily talking about needing to run a light for 1000hrs on moonlight in a zombie apocalypse, it's more about having the most practical preparedness options for the least amount EDC - which happens to be a hobby of mine. For example, I like rechargeables and so EDC a small 1oz...
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    The Ideal EDC Flashlight: A Comprehensive Essay and In-Depth Comparison

    Great, well written essay on what the ideal EDC flashlight is..... for YOU. We are all different, have different needs and uses, and therefore will define the ideal EDC light differently. I have an HDS clicky and while I do enjoy it, it is far from an ideal EDC for me. For slightly less...
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    Low modes are a battery-saving measure are not all that useful

    Hey gurdy.... glad to hear you found your Grail light. Preon Revo SS is my AAA back-up - it's got an efficient current regulated 1.2lm low that I like, hidden discos, and is easy to rig any size good for preparedness. ZL exaggerates too much for my tastes, but my biggest...
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    Low modes are a battery-saving measure are not all that useful

    Thanks Arch and Gurdy.... yup, I'm still very much a low lumen fan. I use four modes 0.4/3/20/200+lms about 50/40/8/2% (respectively) of the time, and recharge a 16340 or 14500 cell after ~60-80 hrs of usage. I generally don't carry spare batts, just a AAA keychain backup light, and my primary...
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    Power Outage, How many Lumens, How many batteries? (for lights and more)

    Re: Power Outage, How many Lumens, How many batteries? Wonder why they lost their fridge if they had a generator? We've had three 4-5 day power outages (last being Sandy) and didn't lose our fridges (two of them) with an small RV generator.
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    Flood style beam

    I know this is going to sound crazy, but I do a lot of camping and find that the best way to 'light up' the woods is to just let your own night vision work by using low low outputs, like 0.5-3 lumens from a small floody XML 16340/14500 light. You'll be able see far deeper into the woods just on...
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    LED flashlight enthusiasm seems to be waning

    Still love flashlights but lost interest in new lights. Only 'new' lights I've bought in the past year or so were clearance sales of my already existing favorites, as gifts and back-ups, around two dozen. I'm an ultralight camper, minimalist, and survivalist and am into a very specific set...
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    Torches with Battery Level Indicators and Warnings

    Batt meters are good for Li-ions which have nice steady sloping discharge curves, but if you mean NiMh for your LSD batts (or 1.5/3v Lithium primaries for that matter) then the meters will not be accurate and may actually mislead you believing you 3/4 capacity when you may only have 1/4. NiMh...
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    Why are still so many serious flashlight manufacturers cheating about the lumen flux?

    Nice to have a real datapoint - the C20C has been reviewed here and the output differential is consistent with what I was expecting (~1/3, in this output range). I found my SWM D40A/V11R low-lumen efficiency specs to be very truthful as well - one of the two honest/conservative Asian-domicile...
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    Why are still so many serious flashlight manufacturers cheating about the lumen flux?

    I agree with you and this has been a pet peeve of mine for a while, and it's not only output, but also runtime specs - "in accordance with ANSI FL1...." is a JOKE (from certain/many manufacturers). That said, I've only found cheap Sipik clones and 3AAA hardware store lights to be half or less...
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    Is anyone else annoyed at the proliferation of side-button flashlights?

    Been disappointed with most of my Chinese electronic switch side clickies... (Zebras, Olights, Armytek, Thrunite, etc.). UI failures/lock-ups, parasitic drain, accidental activations, slow UIs, non-working functions, and all pretty badly exaggerated specs.
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    Zebralight missing order

    You should get resolution now, ZL monitors these threads.... OP got his resolution quickly enough.
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    18650 torch with AA capability?

    Just because the technology exists doesn't mean it's worth producing. I'm still looking for my unicorn AWD hybrid that will do 40+ mpg, 6sec 0-60, 0.9 lateral Gs, and with three row seating (two of which fold flat into the floor). An 18650 light uses 2CR123 for its primaries, and therefore...
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    18650 torch with AA capability?

    I follow the multi-chemistry market somewhat with similar interests and already posted a recommendation in your other thread. A couple other options I just remembered are THIS Jetbeam WL-S1, but it would require the body of the WL-S2 to run an 18650, you'll still need spacers running smaller...
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    Recommend me a data logging LUX meter

    Why don't you just take tailcap current measurements with a decent DMM? I used to runtime test sub- and low- lumens and but now rely on current measurements ($25 DMM) - they triangulate well to my actual runtime tests, and it just takes seconds. Don't know if you care about spec accuracy...