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    Which zebralight should I buy

    If I buy from zebralight. Does it go through customs or what way does it work
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    Which zebralight should I buy

    Im thinking of the sc52w neutral tint at the minute. Any other brands you recommend before I purchase
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    Which zebralight should I buy

    At the minute I'm carrying a coast hp1 which has just give up after 1 year So similar in size to that
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    Which zebralight should I buy

    It says the sight has not opened yet in the uk
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    Which zebralight should I buy

    I'm going to buy a zebralight torch so which one should I buy. The different amount of specs blows my head. What's the difference in sc52 and an sc5? It will be used for inspecting cars, walking the dog and general use. Good run time is important I was thinking AA ones but open to suggestions...
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    Why Led Lenser's flashlight so bad?

    In our MOT centre 90% of the inspectors own a led lenser. I don't see how the lenser is over priced. As someone else said I think the p5 is a brilliant light. The focus is not a gimmick, it is something im always using. I can get 2 lights a p5 and p7 for £35 on ebay. how much is this quark turbo...
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    just ordered a pd35, Will i be dissappointed with its range

    Just ordered a pd35 and some boys at work says that 185m range is crap and I should have stayed with led lenser, they've just ordered the p7.2 with twice the range of mine for less money. Please tell me there wrong
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    led lenser p7.2

    Anybody got the new lenser p7.2 and what do they think of it. 320lm with 260m range sounds impressive. I love the focus on the lenser so it can be used for long range and up close, at £40 pounds that's bount to be good value