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  1. yearnslow

    Corporate suicide?

    As far as I can see, it seems that there are nefarious forces at work to destroy the US. The same thing has been happening in Europe for years. Massive unrestrained immigration, which overburdens the infrastructure. Weakening of the Police and criminal justice system. Elected politicians...
  2. yearnslow

    Music to the Marrow (To What Are You Listening?)

    Great Old school stuff.
  3. yearnslow

    Student Loan "Relief"

    I really can't say if it has created an 'exodus'? Personally, I would consider arithmetic, writing and reading, along with a basic knowledge of geography and history, more preferable too 'Gender identity' education for 4 year olds. But I'm obviously a bigot. :(
  4. yearnslow

    Student Loan "Relief"

    I don't know much about the USA's student loan system, but in the UK, student loans were legislated and implemented By people who had got their degrees etc for free, when the system was wanting to actually produce educated people. This left a bad taste generally. The problem was the spiralling...
  5. yearnslow

    Any SA Members here?

    I guess not!
  6. yearnslow

    Any SA Members here?

    Hi, are there any South Africans or ex-pats living in ZA here? Just an enquiry, PM me if you like. 👍
  7. yearnslow

    Name the most important thing you have found out in your life!

    The people who are elected as politicians, are the last people that should be elected.
  8. yearnslow

    Music you like but don't want your friends to know you like it

    Been listening to this for a week or so. I think they've got an album out on iTunes? I don't care if my friends think it's weird!
  9. yearnslow

    Best live music act you`ve seen?

  10. yearnslow

    The TESLA Flashlight

    sounds to me like you have a rather inflated opinion of yourself, and of Nikola Tesla. (who, incidentally, I consider a genius) What really intrigues me is, knowing the current situation regarding the planet, as you obviously do ,and recognising the obvious shortcomings of the leadership we now...
  11. yearnslow

    The TESLA Flashlight

    Have you ever thought of applying for sainthood?
  12. yearnslow

    The TESLA Flashlight

    Well, from what I can gather, it seems Tesla had invented a means of producing energy from the earth at little cost, which would relieve mankind of the problem of energy and it's cultivation. The Authorities have suppressed this innovation with the express intention of making the people of the...
  13. yearnslow

    The TESLA Flashlight

    What a strange thread.....