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  1. kavvika

    AW's LiFePO4 clones?

    Looks like the ones sold at KD. I was actually going to pick up a pair for my E1L soon. They should be just as safe, if not safer, to keep in a light than most any 3.7V Li-Ion's, due to the more stable chemistry. Self-discharge is most like comparable to Li-Ion's, as well.
  2. kavvika

    new P7 driver 3amps?

    Few questions before I purchase this driver and begin my first P7 mag-mod: -If I place an order today, will I receive a driver with or without memory mode?If the answer is that all new drivers are shipped with memory mode, how would I acquire a driver without memory mode? -Also, how should I...
  3. kavvika

    Speed of Light - theory

    Interesting... If the flashlight is pointed forward, I'd hazard a guess that the light would "collect" inside the reflector and melt through after all the photons (which couldn't escape) were converted to heat. :confused: But that's assuming we could even see that it was turned on, if the...
  4. kavvika

    How do you get a stuck battery out of a mini-mag?

    Re: How to clean Mini Maglite with leaked battery shXt inside? eFxA2C: What e-mail address did you use? I need to contact them about my Dad's old-style Maglite that fails to function anymore after their batteries leaked in it.
  5. kavvika

    2x C-size batteries for 4-6V?

    That is a linear regulator, which means it acts as a variable resistor to lower the voltage, and cannot raise it. It works well with one Li-Ion cell or 3-4 NiMh cells (it can get hot on 4). You cannot go above 6v. 3x 4/5Sub-C's from are the same length as 2 C's, but only...
  6. kavvika


    Surefire E-series lights that are too narrow to fit 17670's.
  7. kavvika

    3 deep in a 2c Mag?

    Sub-C's are around 43.43mm long. Three would be just over 130mm. 2x18650's (unprotected), which fit into a 2C Maglite perfectly, are 130mm long. There is enough material to bore out the tailcap to fit the 23mm wide cells. I've thought about doing this, but my plans will need to wait until...
  8. kavvika

    2X 17500's in my Streamlight TL-3 - Any risk??

    No risk at all. It's a very popular combination for guilt-free lumens. But make sure you're aware of the dangers of rechargeable Li-Ion cells in general, if you're using unprotected cells, and you should be set.
  9. kavvika

    ARGH! @#$%!? Warning to all users attempting to drive the MN61 with 3x17670s

    Jesus, $70 on two lamps!?:faint: Pop another and that'll be how much I paid for my turnkey first-run FM700L.
  10. kavvika

    Traveling Eneloops Charger??

    Sanyo does make another smart, single-channel Eneloop charger but it only charges two cells at a time. Rate is 550mAh, so it will only take ~4 hours to charge a depleted cell. Don't know if it's what you're looking for, but here's the amazon link if you're interested.
  11. kavvika

    Tests on the various NiMH "C" cells?

    Test Results for Accupower Evolution C Size Low Self Discharge Cells
  12. kavvika

    What batteries do you use the most?

    AAA NiMh for the Arc AAA and Flashcrazy-modded Coast LED Lenser. 17670's/18650's for the rest. My R/C transmitters take AA's, though. I'm not sure how to vote since I use them all about the same...
  13. kavvika

    Batteries for M*g85 / Borealis?

    You might actually see longer usable runtime since the Eneloops and Duracell Precharged cells will hold a higher voltage under load. Circuit city did have an 8-pack of eneloops for $15 not too long ago, but now only has a 4-pack for $10. CVS has a 4-pack of Duracells for $10, as well.
  14. kavvika

    Batteries for M*g85 / Borealis?

    +1. Eneloops or the Japanese Duracell Pre-charged cells are the ONLY way to go. Make sure you get a good individual cell charger, like the Eneloop MQN05 or LaCrosse BC-900.
  15. kavvika

    Driver board list / regulator board list.

    Just as a heads up, the KD "Kennan" drive board is back in stock. I know alot of you were feverishly looking for good replacements to no avail, like I was. So order them while you can! Apparently the board went through a small redesign, but an updated picture of the proper way to wire the...
  16. kavvika

    Accurate, cheap, digital voltmeter?

    And to think I just paid $10 for this on Black Friday, when I could've had that HF Multimeter for only $3!:D I think I know where I'm going tomorrow after class, since it couldn't hurt to have another.
  17. kavvika

    ~1.8-3.x Vin, 1A out LED driver design / feeler / suggestion thread

    Yeah, I did read the first post. I guess I'm not that hard to please, as the regulation I mentioned would suit me just fine. If you can do better, then it's gravy! Thanks for answering my other questions. You can put me down for one if this does come into fruition.
  18. kavvika

    Sub C users, I need some recommendations

    They're alright. The best cells out there right now are Ener-G4600's followed by yesterdays favorite, EP4200's. Skip IB4200's, as the first batch had problems with about 1/6 cells going bad within two months or so. Originally I heard the Ener-G4600's blew the EP4200's away, but some RC guys...
  19. kavvika

    ~1.8-3.x Vin, 1A out LED driver design / feeler / suggestion thread

    I am interested in a driver like that. Or rather, was, until I salvaged the driver from a Lowes TF 2C. But, while a great >1amp driver, it isn't really regulated. Now if you can keep regulation above 90% for the first 3/4 of battery life, achieve your target of 80% efficiency (competing with...
  20. kavvika

    Big batt/Little batt

    You won't get the performance you're looking for, incan or LED. The CR123A can't handle the drain the 18650 can, and even though the protection circuit will kick in when the RCR123A is drained, you shouldn't do it. What host are you using? If both a 18650 and a 16340 cell fit in the light...

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