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  1. Stan671

    Alibi required !!!!

    Lee, how many pocketbooks and pairs of shoes does she have?
  2. Stan671

    As far as I can tell, I am done.

    Flashlights are like Jello -- There is always room for more! :thumbsup:
  3. Stan671

    How many flashlights for 1 bedroom apartment?

    How many flashlight should you have? The answer is always: "One More."
  4. Stan671

    Best throwing flashlights

    I just bought a brand new Power On Board 35 Watt HID off eBay for $49 + shipping.
  5. Stan671

    GI Issue flashlights?

    I used to have one of these right angle flashlights when I was in the Boy Scouts.
  6. Stan671

    Flashlight Phone

    "Take one flashlight, one set of mobile phone innards, and gently blend the two together. The result? One flashlight with a built-in mobile!"
  7. Stan671

    Flashlight origins leave me hanging.

    I'm thinking that Maglite was specifically mentioned because an Average Joe writer who does not know much about the subject will grasp onto anything familier to his mind. And, let's face it, like it or not, Maglite to many people is like "Scotch Tape" or "Kleenex". I have heard lots of people...