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  1. Stan671

    If you had to give up all your LED flashlights but one, which would you keep?

    Without hesitation my answer is: My Spy 005! No question about it.
  2. Stan671

    how many lights do you usually carry?

    I used to carry a small keychain light. That is until I got my SPY005 as soon as the new version came out. This SPY005 has been with me all day, every day thereafter. I use a belt clip holster.
  3. Stan671

    Surefire Optimus and Invictus

    For my reference of what 200 or 400 lumens might look like, what is the output of the SPY005, Rev B?
  4. Stan671

    Just a MS paint rendering of a possible future light, tell me your thoughts

    That sounds sweet! I am not keen on this. So, when I press the button on that back, it may turn on in low, or high, or not at all. And then I would have to grab it with my other hand and figure out which way to turn the tail cap to go from the mode I did not want to the one I want. It seems like...
  5. Stan671

    LED Vs. Incan

    It sounds like you also spend a good bit of time in the car. You might want to consider a flashlight with a car mount/charger so that you don't have to keep swaping batteries around and take them indoors to charge.
  6. Stan671

    Question about Target light

    I think I know the light you mean. Is the head silver in color and the slightly tapered body is coated with a black rubbery material? And there is a islet in the back for a lanyard? If yes, then I bought this light because I was attracted to the side clicky and unusual shape. But I returned...
  7. Stan671

    Cree to Showcase LED Lighting Solutions at Lightfair

    I was strongly thinking of attending this show but $90 is a bit steep for me. Anyone know how I could score a free admission to just the exhibits? Or even the $60 VIP pass from an exhibitor would help.
  8. Stan671

    Glo-Toob Lithium Release?

    Most of the other vendors I looked at did not seem to have the label-less "Sterile" versions. Opinions differ about whether the label is removable or not. Personally, I am not a fan of that very obtrusive lettering.
  9. Stan671

    Glo-Toob Lithium Release?

    Do all of the Glo-Toob's have the the name in giant letters around the case like that? Yuck!
  10. Stan671

    Smallest keychain LED?

    I like the Photon Micro II because it has the squeeze switch for momentary on and the slide switch for constant on.
  11. Stan671

    I LOVE pre-orders!

    I pre-ordered a Gatlight V3 a month or so ago. I have already spent the money and don't miss it any more. So, in a couple of months when the V3 arrives it will seem like it was a free gift. A VERY COOL free gift !!!
  12. Stan671

    1AA River Rock Lux?

    Some time last year, I bought the River Rock 0.5 Watt, 2xAAA and was very impressed. I just wish they had some knurling on the tailcap to make for better grip for turning on and off. When I saw the River Rock 1 Watt, 1xAA light and the River Rock 3 Watt, 2xAA Camo light at Target, I bought...
  13. Stan671

    Dorcy K2 Luxeon 6AAA (41-4269)

    I picked up the Dorcy 2xCR123A 6 watt flashlight at Sears the other day for $39.99. I will be returning it tomorrow. The LED is not mounted in the center of the reflector and the beam is horrible. There does not seem to be any way to get into the head of the light to adjust the LED. It has a...
  14. Stan671

    Dorcy K2 Luxeon 6AAA (41-4269)

    Dorcy seems to have three 6 watt lights that all claim 120 lumens. I have seen one of them in a Sears store, but not in thier web site. Otherwise, I have not found a place to buy these yet. Anyone have experience with any of these lights? 2xCR123A: 4xC: 3xAAA: **Hotlinked images removed. Pls...
  15. Stan671

    Do you prefer 'Normal' Clicky or Reverse Clicky?

    I don't like twisties for several reasons. They require two hands or some really adept fingers on a single hand. Some twisties I have had screw IN to light and some screw OUT to light. So, I never know which way to turn a particular light and (because of the 50-50-90 rule) I usually turn it the...

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