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  1. Phil828

    Nitecore V2 and Eneloop XX AA charging hot

    I had the same problem in my Maha C9000. I put four brand new Eneloop XX in the charger to top them off and they got quite hot to the touch. I used the same charging current (default) as my regular Eneloops which stay barely warm while charging. Someone on the forum suggested discharging them...
  2. Phil828

    Alkaline Battery Charger

    I read an article many years ago about charging alkaline batteries. Apparently it is feasible to do so but works best if the batteries are no more than half depleted. I don't know if there would be any real cost advantage over regular rechargeable batteries.
  3. Phil828

    Duracell Duralock vs LSD NiMHs

    I saw some of those in the store the other day. I wasn't sure what they were because they had white tops but the package didn't say they were pre charged.
  4. Phil828

    selecting a charge current for NiMH

    The Maha 9000 has a default charge rate of 1000mA. At least for AA batteries this seems to be a reasonable rate, around .5C for Eneloops. It works well and I find no reason to tweak it. I do reduce the rate for AAA batteries. Experiment with your particular charger and batteries and find a...
  5. Phil828

    Intellicharger i4-v2 issues with Eneloop-XX batteries (smoking hot!!)

    I bought a four-pack of Eneloop XX a few months ago and put them in my C-9000 to top them off before use. I did not discharge them or use break-in mode first. They got quite hot to the touch, much hotter than regular Eneloops. Maybe this is typical of the XX.
  6. Phil828

    Sanyo XX 2500mAh NiMH batteries experiences and results

    Yes seriously, that is the default rate.
  7. Phil828

    Sanyo XX 2500mAh NiMH batteries experiences and results

    Charging Eneloop XX I bought a new Sunwayman M40A this week which is a beautifully made light by the way. I also ordered a four pack of Eneloop XX from Amazon to use in it. I figured since the light was pumping out 600 lumens on just four AA batteries it might be beneficial to use a higher...
  8. Phil828

    Maha C9000 battery cooker...

    I have seen some NiMH batteries (AA) that state on the label to charge at not more 300 mA. These might be batteries for solar powered lights but at any rate they would probably get quite hot in a charger.
  9. Phil828

    Few Fenix LD20 w/ eneloop battery questions and best AA/AAA charger to buy questions.

    As a practical matter, I don't think the LD20 was meant to run in Turbo for more than 10 or 15 minutes at a time. I find that High is usually more than adequate for any nighttime activity and you will get much better run times on High than on Turbo. Medium is a good level for walking after dark...
  10. Phil828

    Charging D cells on Maha C9000

    Not the one I remember but probably the same information plus pictures. Thanks
  11. Phil828

    Charging D cells on Maha C9000

    Haven't been able to locate any discussion about this but I seem to remember seeing some mention about it in the past. First of all, is it possible? It seems that the c9000 has the electronic capacity ( if not the physical capacity) to charge D size NiMH batteries. Second of all, what...
  12. Phil828

    Duracell green tops?

    I guess I was thinking they were LSD. The green color threw me off.
  13. Phil828

    Duracell green tops?

    I was at WalMart this morning and walked through the electronics department to see if there was anything new and I noticed some rechargeable Duracell AA with green tops. They have a capacity of 2450 mAh prominently printed on the package and they are manufactured in Japan. Does anyone have any...
  14. Phil828

    Charging AAA batteries

    You are correct, the problem was that I didn't get the top of the battery pushed in that last sixteenth of an inch or less. Everything is working normally now. I didn't know about the two hour topping off charge so I will let the charger run a little longer.
  15. Phil828

    Charging AAA batteries

    Thank you Wrend (and flatline). I was trying to be careful and conservative with the AAA batteries. The C9000 has good defaults for the AA batteries but I was afraid they would be too much for the smaller ones. I will probably use the break in mode on them tomorrow after discharging them as you...
  16. Phil828

    Charging AAA batteries

    I bought a 4 pack of AAA Duracell white top NiMH at Walmart on Saturday. Today I thought I would charge them on my Maha C9000 charger to make sure they were fully charged. The batteries were labelled as 800 mah by the way. This is my first experience with AAA on this charger. I first did a...
  17. Phil828

    Flashlight cleanup, isle 3!

    Someone on another thread recommended a product called Deoxit. It is made for this type of problem. I haven't tried it myself yet but Amazon has it as does 4sevens.
  18. Phil828

    Maha C9000 & new Eneloops, discharge before break-in?

    I would discharge the batteries first because the first thing the break in mode will do is charge the batteries. It is a slow charge rate but it will not stop charging when the batteries are fully charged. It calculates the total amount of charge based on the battery capacity you entered into...
  19. Phil828

    Eneloops vs other rechargeables and a couple other battery-related questions.

    I strongly suspect that Energizer and Duracell do not particularly want consumers to have a positive experience with rechargeable batteries. They are making a killing selling alkalines and rechargeables would seriously cut into their profits if they became popular. If you look at the packages...

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