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  1. Phaserburn

    Where to buy quality 2x18650 pack with connector?

    A lantern of mine came with a terrible quality 2 x 18650 side by side pack, wired in parallel, with what looks like a small tamiya connector. I’d like to find a source for quality cells like this config. Any ideas as to where to buy?
  2. Phaserburn

    Modding an Inova T1; possible?

    The Inova T1 has always been a favorite of mine for its incredible build quality, grenade grip, kroll switch purely cylindrical form. Can’t think of any other light quite like it. Awesome handfeel. Anyway, the T1 was discontinued. I have 2 of them, one with an xpg and the other with a luxeon...
  3. Phaserburn

    Way cool GE lights: 300-400 lumen, 3000k

    I just received two of the three versions of this light; the third is on it's way to me. GE enbrighten lights on Amazon are rectangular, picture frame shaped lights that either plug in or run on 6xAA's. Before going any farther, what makes...
  4. Phaserburn

    Streamlight new Protac HL4 and Super Siege

    Streamlight is coming out with two new lights I find interesting. The Protac HL4 is a 2x18650 or 4x123 2200 lumen flashlight. The Super Siege is a beefed up 1100 lumen rechargeable 8800mah li ion lantern with usb charging for cell phones, glare guard, and waterproof compartment. See them on...
  5. Phaserburn

    Looking for best quality LED Christmas lights

    It's time to completely retire my old dying incan light strings. I have been looking online at pre-done strings as well as individual retrofit bulbs (C7 size preferred). From what I've read so far, retrofits are brighter (3 emitters vs 1) generally speaking. Been looking at the ones made by...
  6. Phaserburn

    Sold/Expired Phaserburn's Diffusion Film - CPF Service & Int'l Shipping Avail.

    Phaserburn's Diffusion Film - CPF Service & Int'l Shipping Avail. Hello, All. I am going to provide diffusion film as a service to CPF, because I think it's a great find for any true flashaholic. I got the tip from Cave Dave, so kudos to him! A few words about this stuff. If you like diffuse...
  7. Phaserburn

    Two warm/NW lanterns - available in USA

    Yes, I was surprised to find that there were two lanterns that advertise either a warm or neutral white tint easily available in the US. So... of course I bought them both! Mr. Beams Lantern MB480...
  8. Phaserburn

    Inova T4 battery - higher capacity replacement?

    I love the T4, but it still amazingly comes with a 2200ma battery that seems proprietary in structure. Anyone figured out a source for a better cell, other than tearing down an old one and soldering?
  9. Phaserburn

    A Stranger seeking... The Pumphouse!

    This past Sunday evening around dusk, an older guy I’ve never met before knocked on my front door. He was super thin, friendly, with scraggly white hair. When I answered, he smiled warmly and introduced himself, and said he was an old acquaintance of a man named, “Timer”. I had to stop and...
  10. Phaserburn

    New Maglite 3rd Generation 2D/3D - 524 + 625 lumens stock!

    Just saw these at Brightguy. Looks like Mag has suddenly cranked up the power!! These have the ability to adjust the UI somewhat. 3 modes. Should be pretty decent, and maybe pretty nice running nimh D's.
  11. Phaserburn

    New: high quality, warm tinted lantern!

    I found this yesterday and placed an order for a satin nickel one: Barebones Forest Lantern. This looks very, very cool to me! Warm tint, listed as 3000K Li-ion powered and comes with built in internal charger w attached cord...
  12. Phaserburn

    Looking for insert for votive lantern

    Ever notice that many stores carry very cool lanterns made from glass, metal, wood, etc, and are powered by a votive sized candle? I was wondering if there was an insert of sorts that could be used to produce a useable light from them. And not the dim, amber flicker 5mm led sort, either...
  13. Phaserburn

    New: Coleman 1000 LUMEN CPX™ 6 LANTERN Ok, just received this bad boy direct from Coleman ($61 including tax and shipping), so thought I'd post some initial impressions. When I read that Coleman released a warm tinted led lantern...
  14. Phaserburn

    Coleman rocks a new WARM lantern!

    What's so interesting about a new Coleman led lantern? How about coming stock with a warm led! This is the lantern: For some reason, Coleman is offering this lantern in Australia and New Zealand right now...
  15. Phaserburn

    Upgraded headlamps to Cibie/Osram, but I have ?s

    Recently, I swapped my 2012 Wrangler's headlamps for Cibies and Osram 65w bulbs (Dan Stern). Great improvement. I opted to go with pigtails and the stock wiring, fearing extremely short bulb life if I went slightly Hotwire by getting the rallylights harness. As a flashaholic/longtime CPF'er...
  16. Phaserburn

    Step down from turbo after a few minutes... How noticeable?

    There are a few lights I'm contemplating. But, they have a circuit programmed step down after a few moments for heat considerations. There are several brands that have models like this. Eagletac G25C2, for example. How noticeable is this reduction in use? Do you notice it occasionally, only...
  17. Phaserburn

    New: upgraded Magcharger now available!

    Mag has released a new incan version of the venerable magcharger. It comes with the new Nimh pack, an "upgraded" bulb for 236 lumens, and an electronic switch. Are you ready for this? The new switch allows feature set selection. The available funtions for one, two and three clicks are: full...
  18. Phaserburn

    Coleman 4D led lanterns - comments, thoughts?

    Coleman has 3 different 4D 190 lumen led Cree lanterns. They include: 4D Rugged 4D Personal 4D Hi Tech Wondering if anyone has one of these and what their impressions are. The first two seem the same, with the Personal being able to use the nimh pack as well as 4Ds. They have hi/lo...
  19. Phaserburn

    Quick IMR question about when they are beneficial

    I've researched alot and found three seemingly prevailing opinions on IMR 18650s and when it's beneficial to use them. 1. When you are doing a 3+ amp draw 2. When the current draw is 5+ amps 3. When powering incans with 2+ amps, so as not to get a quick voltage reduction because of the burst...
  20. Phaserburn

    How do you replace a long link with custom text?

    I want to place a link in my Sig, but can't find how to change the looong ugly text string into something simple, like "click here", etc. See below...!